Watch a 1200 HP GT350 Engine Swapped Fox Body Perform Voodoo

The engine of the Shelby GT350 has always been a mystery outside of the road racing world. The 5.2-liter engine dubbed Voodoo has a flat crank and an exotic European sound, but sadly rarely seems to be the engine of choice on a swap. The price of the crate unit doesn’t help matters either. However, when your business is to make the Shelby GT350 a formidable foe on any stretch of road, you make exceptions. In this case, Jeremy Howell decided to use his 1991 Ford Mustang with a boosted engine under the hood to represent his company, Fathouse Fabrication.

Fathouse Fabrication is well known in the Shelby GT350 community for their stellar builds that include twin-turbo setups with fully self-contained ECUs. When it was time to build a lightweight contender for the drag strip, the Fathouse Fox Body showed up. The engine is a Voodoo built by Fast Forward Racing Engines that still retains the flat crank. A 91mm turbo based on Forced Performance’s S400 provides the boost needed to generate big power figures. The complete combination is tuned by Corbin Johnson via a Motec ECU.

Not your average Fox Body. This one rocks a 1200-hp 5.2-liter GT350 Voodoo engine! Photo credit: Trevor Flora.

Instead of switching to a 10R80 or Powerglide transmission, Howell decided to stick with a manual. That’s right, this Voodoo-traded 5.2-liter Fox Body still uses the third pedal! All the power is transferred to the rear through the use of a front-facing T56 drivetrain. Seeing that the car produces 1280 horsepower at just 20 psi, Howell has his hands full to keep it straight.

If you’re looking for cars to watch this season, check out Fathouse Fabrication’s Fox Body. Out of the trailer, the car ran an 8.1 at 178 mph and still has 10 psi to go. While it might look like another Fox Body drag to the untrained eye, it’s actually a mirror representation of what goes on in their in-house builds, including tuning.

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