Wärtsilä unveils new four-stroke engine

technology company Wärtsila unveiled its all-new medium-speed train four stroke engine design.

The Wartsila 25 The engine will be capable of running on diesel, LNG, gas or liquid biofuels, and will be suitable for upgrades to run on future carbon-neutral fuels as they become available, the company said in a statement on Wednesday. sent by email.

The engine is intended to be the company’s first to run on ammonia bunkers. The technology concept will be ready by next year, with product release expected shortly thereafter.

“This engine marks the start of a new era of future-proof small displacement, mid-speed engines, and is an important step for the marine industry to meet its decarbonization goals,” he said. added. Roger Holmchairman of marine energy at Wärtsilä, said in the statement.

“The Wärtsilä 25 ticks all the boxes.

“It’s a small but powerful engine, and it allows an effortless transition to future fuels, making it a future-proof investment already today.

“Most importantly, the Wärtsilä 25 brings all of these benefits while keeping the total cost of ownership within reasonable limits.”

The engine is designed for the time between overhauls of up to 32,000 hours.

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