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When it comes to creating trucks that can deliver based on not just your preferences, but also what’s reasonable for your operations and, of course, your budget, Hyundai breaks that notion and delivers a solution that’s right for you. your business.

Hyundai Trucks and Buses Philippines, the official distributor of Hyundai Commercial Vehicles, presents the latest additions to the HD range: the HD45 GT and HD78 GT, powered by a 2.9-liter engine. And it’s not just any engine, it’s a Hyundai CRDi turbocharged diesel engine.

What is so special about this engine? Lots, starting with its lightweight design that’s enough to deliver the power you need, without adding unnecessary load to the vehicle.

Because it is turbocharged, this 2.9-liter diesel engine produces a maximum power of 160 hp, or 55.34 hp/L, and a tractive power of 40 kg-m, or 13.84 kg-m/ L. So whether the job requires hauling, traveling long distances, or climbing with cargo in tow, trust the HD45 GT and HD78 GT to handle them with confidence, thanks to a lightweight powertrain that could deliver power and enough torque per liter of engine displacement that won’t let your jobs down and thus reliably move your business, every time.

Another benefit of the Hyundai CRDi diesel engine’s boost function is that there is less stress and effort required from the engine to produce power to handle arduous journeys and heavy loads. This means savings for your business in the long run, as it is able to produce the torque needed to move the vehicle at low revs, minimizing premature engine wear and avoiding major (and costly) repairs and losses. . that can be incurred when a number of your trucks have to stop due to these activities. Plus, with Hyundai’s signature lightweight CRDi diesel engine powering the HD45 GT and HD78 GT, you can maximize fuel to the last drop, as it’s able to efficiently generate more power and torque to drive your business forward. .

In addition, the 2.9-liter engine of Hyundai HD series trucks is fuel efficient. It is made with Hyundai’s Common Rail Direct Injection (CRDi) technology which optimizes fuel economy by turning the right amount of fuel into a fine mist suitable for complete combustion to deliver the power needed in driving conditions. variables. Thanks to this, the HD45 GT and HD78 GT allow you to achieve the desired mileage, of course taking into account road conditions and your driving habits, which also affect your fuel consumption.

So if you’re looking for the right truck to move your new business, or thinking about renewing your fleet, consider Hyundai’s HD45 GT or HD78 GT. You’ll be surprised how much punch these light trucks can pack.

Don’t just take our word for it. Visit your nearest authorized Hyundai Trucks and Buses dealer now and see for yourself! You can also email us at [email protected] or log on to Truckdeal at to learn more about features and the latest offers on Hyundai commercial vehicles.

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