Toyota GR86 owner’s engine explodes, entire car burns for hours after months of repairs at SoCal Toyota dealership

“You had the chance to make this good Toyota from Orange,” Josh captioned his post.

It looks like the Toyota GR86 nameplate can’t take a break at around the same time GR86 owner Blake Alvarado had a warranty fiasco with Toyota of North America, Toyota GR86 owner Josh (who goes by JZX_JK on Instagram) is in the midst of his own GR86-related nightmare.

@JZX_JK has posted dramatic video and photos of his GR86 literally bursting into flames and burning to the ground just 12 hours after a 4 month long repair job handled by Toyota of Orange.

Watch the stomach churning video for yourself below.

It’s unclear why Josh’s GR86 was in the store, why it sat there for so long and what caused its engine fire but according to the comments Josh is taking legal action against Toyota of Orange so he’s probably in its interest not to share too many details.

As we can see from the photos and videos, the fire appears to have originated in the engine area, with the fire spreading rapidly under his car.

As with most fire-damaged vehicles, the GR86 is destroyed beyond repair.

Shortly after Josh posted his video, someone from Toyota’s US social media team left a comment on his post.

“Hi Josh,” read the comment from Toyota of the United States. “We would like to tell you more about this experience. Whenever you have a moment, please send us a DM. We look forward to speaking with you.”

“Other than that, you can talk to my attorney,” Josh replied. “Also, you have been reported to NATSA and your dealership has been reported to the Better Business Bureau and will be notified shortly.

SoCal locals in the comments were quick to point out Toyota of Orange’s tongue-in-cheek motto is, “You won’t get a lemon at Toyota of Orange.”

It has been the motto of Toyota d’Orange since at least 1971.

As mentioned, this all follows GR86 owner Blake Alvarado who was denied warranty service by Toyota of North America following a social media post of said GR86 in a runaway condition.

After social media backlash and widespread press coverage, Toyota has since agreed to rebuild Alvarado’s engine.

Alvarado’s case raised similar engine issues, particularly RTV sealant clogging other owners’ oil intakes, calling into question the reliability of these Subaru boxer engines. (see the link here for an example) and Toyota’s willingness to honor its end of warranty/.

More than likely, Josh will share details of his case against Toyota of Orange regarding his GR86 repair as his case goes to court.

Until then, we can only speculate as to what caused his GR86’s dramatic self-destruction.

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