Tier 4 Certified Cummins QSK50 Dual Fuel Engine

The dual-fuel application offers the same power density and transient response as diesel, while operating at an optimized substitution rate suitable for the oil and gas market. (Photo: Cummins)

As a first step in its 2021 promise to expand its offerings to the oil and gas market, Cummins Inc. announced that its dual-fuel capability additions to its QSK50 engine have met the stringent Tier 4 emissions requirements of the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

According to Cummins specifications, the base QSK50 four-stroke diesel engine for the oil and gas market is rated at 1400-1600 hp and 1200-1800 lb-ft. couple. Dual-fuel capability is achieved through a kit containing dual-fuel components built into the Tier 4 Final engine. The kit is available for both first-fit applications and as an upgrade solution. Integrated controls allow for a seamless transition from diesel fuel to dual-fuel operation, the company noted.

In dual-fuel mode, natural gas is introduced into the intake system, reducing diesel consumption while maintaining the same power density, torque and transient response. This ensures the reliability of a traditional diesel engine while operating at an optimized rate of substitution suitable for the oil and gas market, Cummins explained.

“Entering production in the third quarter of this year, this extension of the QSK50 product line will provide our customers with a future-proof solution that reduces their emissions while continuing to provide reliable, high-performance operation,” said Patricio. Escobar, CEO of Cummins Oil. & Gas Segment. “At a time when our customers and the oil and gas industry are still focused on reducing their environmental footprint and improving their financial performance, our dual-fuel engine solution is a great addition to the ultra-low power portfolio. broadcasts.”

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