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Upstart Power Reaches Key Technical Milestone with Next-Generation Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Generator for On-Demand Operation in Residential and Small Industrial Standby Applications

Upstart Power, a leading developer and manufacturer of solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) power systems for standby power and distributed generation, announces that its latest SOFC systems have reached a major technical milestone – offering over 1,000 complete on/off cycles. This unique achievement by Upstart Power further confirms that its innovative SOFC generator platform, protected by a strong patent portfolio, can deliver next-generation power capabilities that are operationally valuable and superior to internal combustion generators. .

Upstart pioneered the concept of high cycle SOFC systems specifically designed for intermittent operation, providing power on demand in conjunction with battery storage and solar power.

Utilizing commonly available propane or natural gas, Upgen® SOFC generators provide essential backup or supplemental power when grid power is unavailable or renewable resources are insufficient. Other commercial SOFC systems are designed to be always on (not cycled) and therefore are not suitable as a power source for applications requiring intermittent operation such as backup power or network services.

“Unlike traditional SOFC systems that must run continuously, our Upgen SOFC generators are specifically designed and optimized for intermittent on-demand operation, starting in less than 30 minutes and shutting down reliably when no longer needed” , said Nate Palumbo, chief technology officer. at Upstart Power. “Our rigorous and comprehensive test protocols cover all key elements of the SOFC system, including battery, reformer, ignition module, thermal management and controls.”

Cleaner, safer, quieter, maintenance-free and significantly more efficient than older internal combustion engine generators, Upgen is the ideal complement to solar and battery storage in a home energy management system and ensures resilience energy and grid independence when the grid is down (again!), the sun doesn’t shine (enough!) and the batteries can’t keep up (with household loads), said Georg Bettenhauser, vice- President of Business Development at Upstart Power. “For homeowners concerned about rising utility bills and increasingly frequent grid outages, solar and battery storage alone is like a four-foot blanket for a six-foot person…when prolonged grid outages with insufficient sunlight, part of your lifestyle is not going to be covered.

The Upgen systems are currently in Phase 2 testing at multiple customer sites across North America. Upstart plans to commercially launch its next-generation Upgen NXG™ product in mid-2023 and rapidly expand shipments through 2024 and beyond. Over the coming quarters, Upstart will continue to expand its commercial network of go-to-market partners in the solar, battery storage and backup generation markets – please click here if you would like to become a partner Upstart. Upstart will also launch a product pre-order campaign for end users later this year – please see our website and for details.

About Upstart Power, Inc.

Upstart Power designs and produces market-disrupting solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) generators for residential and industrial applications that are reliable, durable, carbon efficient and virtually silent. Upstart Power’s Upgen® products work in conjunction with battery storage to cover grid outages and solar deficits, providing long-lasting resilience 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Founded in late 2018, Upstart Power is privately held, backed by investors including TJ Rodgers, Enphase Energy and Sunnova Energy.

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