Stellantis, Carlos Tavares: “A new Euro 7 diesel engine at Pratola Serra”

In 2023, Stellantide it will put a new Euro 7 homologated diesel engine into production. The plant that will build the new unit, probably a four-cylinder turbo with direct injection, will be that of Pratola Serra, in the province of Avellino. This was revealed by Carlos Tavares himself, during a visit to the Campania factory. The number one of Stellantis also confirmed the 30 billion euros of investments planned for the electric transition and the expansion ambitions of the giant born from the merger of FCA and PSA: “We are the fourth group in the world, our ambition is to excel in the ranking of major car manufacturers”.

Political support is needed. During his tour of the Termoli and Pratola Serra factories, Tavares did not hide his perplexities at the European Union’s green policies, which do not take into account the importance of diesel vehicles in the continental economy. The CEO said he was not even convinced of the vocation to pure electric as the only way to reduce emissions, abandoning all the technological advances of recent years concerning internal combustion engines. “The issue is also economic – said the Portuguese official – for this reason we ask politics to intervene in favor and in favor of the consumer, who may not be able to afford the cost of an electric vehicle at a very high cost”. Reflections that re-propose the reflections on electric mobility seen as “political choice that excludes the middle class”.

All factories will produce electrified. During a meeting with the executive committee of Pratola Serra works councils, Tavares indicated that 30 billion euros will be allocated by 2035 for the development of a new range of electrified vehicles. The CEO also confirmed that soon every brand under the Stellantis umbrella will have at least one Ev: for this reason it is expected that by 2024 all the manufacturer’s factories will start production of hybrid and electric vehicles. In the last few hours alone, the Jeep has taken one of its first steps in this direction by unveiling the new versions Renegade and Compass e-Hybrid and announcing the departure of diesel and petrol engines from several European markets, including France and Germany (but not Italy).

The new diesel. In 14 or 15 months, so in the spring of next year, a new Euro 7 diesel engine will be ready and can be fitted to both cars and commercial vehicles of all brands of the Stellantis group. The decision to assemble it in Italy is crucial for the Pratola Serra plant, where electrified units and components for battery cars will also be produced. Tavares expressed his appreciation for the Irpinia plant, thanking the staff for the “competence, efficiency, participation and willingness to flexibility” they have shown in the last period, even in the most difficult phases. more problematic.

The towers increase in Melfi. While the CEO was visiting Pratola Serra, in Melfi, during a trade union meeting, it was announced that from January 24 the weekly shifts would increase from 15 to 17, a change that confirms the strategic importance of the Lucanian factory for the Stellantis group. Precisely in the province of Potenza, models such as the Jeep Compass and the Renegade are assembled, which together with the new mild hybrid versions may require an increase in production.

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