Smart Trick With Mercedes Internal Combustion Engine Can Make Big Profits

With the Qatar Grand Prix fast approaching, Max Verstappen discusses a potentially smart trick that Mercedes can still use in upcoming races. The power boost of a new combustion engine seems to wipe out the five grid positions.

Possible clever trick for Mercedes

In Brazil, Lewis Hamilton’s speed seemed to come from another planet. A major cause of this was the Briton’s new combustion engine. The seven-time world champion had ten places on the grid after changing the engine part, but his new power easily canceled that out.

Even less when it comes to a penalty of five places on the grid. F1 journalist Ronald Vording and Max Verstappen discuss an interesting storyline. Vording: “Mercedes could in theory install a new combustion engine at every GP, take five penalty spots and benefit from the power boost.”

Verstappen: “This is something to watch out for. The first time it gives ten penalty points, it is illogical that after that it is only five. You always go over the same limit, so I think it should always be ten. points.” According to Verstappen, a five-point penalty hurts very little.

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