Segway Ninebot Motor Speaker Released For $150

Segway has just launched its motor speaker for the Ninebot range of electric scooters, go-karts and more. As the name suggests, it can produce up to five different engine sounds and function as a standard Bluetooth speaker.

While electric vehicles must now set up speakers to produce noise while traveling below 19 mph to avoid pedestrian accidents, Segway decided to provide scooters, karts and other Ninebot devices with a means of emitting engine noises. Although they won’t because of the rules that car manufacturers have to follow, it will add a fun addition to your scooter rides around the neighborhood. The Ninebot Engine speaker is powered by two 8W speakers that are tuned to produce “more stable bass, clear highs and full vocals”. Users will be able to choose from four ICE sounds (single-cylinder, twin-cylinder, V8 and V12) as well as an electric motor sound. These sound effects are enhanced by working with the device to change with throttle, braking and other cues. A button on the speaker will cycle through the sound options.

If riding your Ninebot KickScooter with the roar of the engine isn’t your style, you can connect your phone to play music instead. You’ll use Bluetooth to connect to the Engine speaker and can use the dedicated buttons or your phone to control the volume level. Check out a demo of the Ninebot Engine speaker below!

The metallic exterior will blend seamlessly with the Ninebot range of electric vehicles. This speaker also has an IP55 rating, which means it can take on the elements when you’re moving around town. Charging is handled with the built-in USB-C port and the battery can play audio for up to 23 hours.


You can get the Segway Ninebot Motor Speaker from its official store and on Amazon at its list price of $149.99.

9to5Toy’s take

I feel conflicted with this product, to be honest. On the one hand, it’s quite funny, and I could see that it was useful for jamming while driving. On the other hand, $150 for a simple Bluetooth speaker would be too much for me to justify getting it. However, if they end up bundling this speaker with one of the scooters or go-karts, I don’t see why. Otherwise you can take this Oontz Bluetooth speaker for $22 and that tape roll for $8 and enjoy (while saving $120).

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