Road users on Milton Keynes Street will be penalized after firefighters’ access to the blaze was blocked

Council officers have pledged to take action against drivers who illegally park on the curbs to block a narrow road in Bletchley.

The move follows a major fire in Tavistock Street on Monday when firefighters struggled to reach the scene due to cars parked back-to-back on both sides of the street.

As flames spread rapidly through one of the many automotive businesses on the street, a fire engine rammed a vehicle, causing damage to one side.

The fire caused severe damage in Tavistock Street in Bletchley

The fire engulfed TFB Bodyshop and caused severe damage to two neighboring premises, as well as the residential apartments above.

Ironically, a business owner down the street had sent numerous emails to MK Council’s parking department warning them of access issues caused by illegal parking. One such email was sent just four hours before the fire broke out.

Sent by Sam Watson, who runs B&T Tires and Exhaust Center with his father Barry, he said: ‘We have emailed and called numerous times and nothing has been done about the cars parked illegally at MK2 2PG. Please see the attached photo of a lady walking with her newborn baby in a pram. She had to walk on the main road. Who is responsible when someone is killed, because it will be the next thing?

After the fire, the citizen asked Council MK what they intended to do about parking.

Today a council spokesperson said: ‘We are aware of illegal parking on Tavistock Street, Bletchley and our Civil Law Enforcement Officers are traveling to this location to issue Penalty Notices (PCNs) to vehicles that violate the restrictions.”

“The lower section of Tavistock Street is double yellow lines which means there is no waiting at any time (parking). The other sections are single yellow lines with a restriction of no waiting between 8am and 6pm , Monday to Saturday.

“Vehicles must not park on these sections at all during the day and we will issue PCNs to vehicles that do not comply with this.”

The spokesperson added: ‘The illegally parked vehicles that impeded fire truck access illustrate why these restrictions are necessary and why we are enforcing them. Pedestrians and cyclists should not be forced into the road by a vehicle blocking the sidewalk.

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