Refrigerator compressor turned into a small capable four-stroke engine


Never underestimate the power of a well-stocked trash can. With a TIG welder and mechanical ingenuity at the limit of genius, it all applies to this refrigerator compressor to the construction of a four-stroke engine.

The video posted by [Let’s Learn Something] it’s a long time, but watching it at double speed doesn’t take much away from the fun. By using a piston compressor, much of the precision machining is already taken care of here. Adding the intake and exhaust valves, camshaft, timing chain, carburetor and ignition system, however, are still quite difficult tasks. We loved the homemade timing chain sprockets, made with nothing more than a drill and angle grinder. In a truly inspired moment, flat head screws are turned into valves, rocker arms are made from pieces of scrap metal, and a bolt becomes a camshaft with integrated TIG filling. The ignition and carburetor are tinkered with from more pieces of junk, resulting in an engine that started up for the first time – and quickly melted the epoxy now holding the exhaust manifold on the cylinder head.

Now, compressor-to-engine conversions aren’t exactly new territory. We’ve seen refrigerator compressors and automotive air conditioning compressors turned into motors. But most of what we’ve seen has been simple two-stroke engines. We’re really impressed with the skill it takes to run a four-stroke engine like this, and we feel like we’ve scooped quite a bit of trash stuff out of this one.

Thanks to [Eric Mockler] for this tip.

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