RAD Torque Raceway season kicks into gear this weekend

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Weather permitting, the engine will start during the 2022 season at RAD Torque Raceway this weekend. A Spec D Open Drift party was scheduled for April 28, after press time, with a Street Legal event on Friday, April 29, and two days of the Bracket Drag Series, April 30 and May 1.

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“We’re as excited as any racing and racing enthusiast gets,” Chevy General Operations Manager Reeves said of the start of the season. “We’re looking forward to a full year of racing, and just sitting back and having fun.”

Reeves said this is the first season since 2019 that the Tour has headed into the year without any restrictions on the number of spectators, the number of riders and other restrictions.

“We weren’t able to announce any of our big spectator events, and this year we’ve already announced them and put them in place for the past three months,” Reeves said.

The first of this year’s big events is the Rocky Mountain Nationals and Nitro Night Revival, July 8-10.

“It’s our three-day burning nitro, even throwing flames, it seats 20,000 spectators over a three-day weekend and features funny nitro cars, dragsters, jet cars, and more” , said Reeves.

The Hot August Night event takes place on Wednesday, August 10. It’s a show purely for the fans, Reeves said, all about the cars making hits, having fun and driving the crowd crazy. Last year’s event was held in a modified and condensed format, while this year will see the return of the big one-day show.

To conclude the Raceway season, the Monster Truck Throwdown, from August 19 to 21.

“There are some local Edson heroes like Crude Behavior and Rough Neck who will be there. They always put on a good show, they do back flips in their trucks, anything they can do as long as it puts a smile on a kid’s face,” Reeves said.

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Reeves said there are several new additions to the track for this season. A brand new loudspeaker system in the pits and drag strips will allow everyone to hear what the announcer, spectators and drivers are saying. The track also features new LED lighting to help improve night racing.

In June, RAD Torque Raceway will begin resurfacing its drag strip for the first time in a long time.

In years past with brutal winters, the frost only comes out of the ground in June, it seeps into our strip, and it takes a while to prepare it safely. The new track will have new drainage and no water issues will come out of the track,” Reeves said. “It will make things safer, and our nitro and power cars will have no trouble making their way on the brand new flat track.”

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