Proper maintenance essential to engine performance

When servicing your engine, ensure you get the best results by using genuine parts and consumables.

Proper maintenance is essential to engine performance – don’t underestimate the importance of genuine parts and consumables!

For six decades, Chris-Marine has designed, manufactured and sold engine service machinery and tools for 2 and 4 stroke diesel and gasoline engines.
Today, these machines are recognized worldwide for their high quality and user-friendliness.

When servicing engine components, Chris-Marine tools and machines are essential to achieving the desired results. An essential aspect for obtaining optimal results is the use of genuine parts and consumables. The only way to guarantee this is to purchase machinery, parts and consumables direct from Chris-Marine or one of our authorized agents.

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About Chris Marine
Chris-Marine’s mission is to help customers get their engines running in a more sustainable way.
We achieve this by providing world-class engine monitoring and maintenance solutions and products to engine builders, shipowners, shipyards, workshops and power plants around the world.
We develop, manufacture and market our equipment under three strong brands: Chris-Marine®, Obel-P® and LEMAG®. For more information, please visit

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