Porsche engine designer Hans Mezger’s 911 restored

A Porsche 911 Carrera 3.0 once owned by the late Hans Mezger, designer of some of the automaker’s greatest engines, is back on the road thanks to Mezger’s son.

Mezger is credited with the original air-cooled flat-6 from the 911, the flat-12 engine used in the 917 race car, and the TAG Turbo engine used by McLaren in Formula 1. He was working to get his 911 back on the road. before his death in 2020, and his son Oliver finally finished the job.

Mezger bought the Grand Prix White 911 in October 1979 and kept it for the rest of his life. The car started out as a test vehicle because it was standard practice to sell these vehicles once they had served their purpose, according to Porsche. Under the engine hood is a 3.0-liter flat-6 producing 197 hp.

Hans Mezger’s Porsche 911 Carrera 3.0

The 911 was first driven on public roads in April 1977 and traveled 17,112 miles in testing. Mezger added 6,587 miles over approximately 40 years of ownership. In October 2008, Mezger requested a vintage plate for the 911, a process complicated by its history as a test car. The director of the Porsche Museum had to intervene to clear things up.

However, the car was eventually taken off the road, and a few minor issues had to be fixed before it could be driven again. Mezger was unable to complete the job until he died at the age of 90, but Oliver Mezger operated 911 on the first anniversary of his father’s death.

“The car will remain in the hands of the family and will be driven on special occasions,” Oliver Mezger said in a statement. “I will be visiting my father at the cemetery and will definitely make a trip to the Porsche Museum in his honor.”

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