Personalized promotions made easy with Get My Parking’s new discount engine

Get My Parking is launching an updated discount module as part of its interoperable smart parking platform. This module allows operators to configure a variety of discounts and promotions for their customers through the user-friendly admin portal.

Establishment discounts and fare concessions for specific groups of riders can help operators open channels of fixed revenue from companies or fleets. Parkers can benefit from these discounts and apply promotional codes via a white label web application at the time of session booking and payment.

Operators can mix and match discount items in this module to create personalized offers for different car parks. They can also choose to import existing promotion details in bulk as a CSV file without having to manually set up each discount.

The promotions you can set up through the discount module are highly customizable. They can be designed to be a flat rate concession or a percentage discount. These can be free, user-specific floating discounts – any user falling into this category would be free to use these promo codes on a first-come, first-served basis.

Operators have the option of giving a certain number of minutes as Free time for specific user groups on certain days. This will affect their final bill and their session will be free if they arrive and depart within the allotted FreeTime. Administrators can also choose to enable a Change rate discount where they can offer reduced rates for specific car parks.

Operators can choose to automatically apply discounts to certain user groups. They can also set the exact period during which the promotions will be live and whether the discount will be visible to the white label consumer. application during this time. Each of these details can be changed through the admin dashboard.

These promotions can be used in business partnerships, where the company can pay the operator in bulk to allow its employees or visitors to park for free or at a reduced rate. Delivery, logistics and mobility companies with vehicle fleets also benefit from such partnerships with the operator, who can now expect a stable income and regular parking in their car parks.

the Reduction Module is part of Get My Parking’s smart parking management system that makes it easier for operators to digitally manage access, booking and payment in their car parks.

Digitize your parking operations and open up new revenue streams with Get My Parking – schedule a demo today to see our parking management platform in action!

About Get My Parking

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Get My Parking is an award-winning provider of an interoperable smart parking platform that connects all parking and mobility players on a common platform that have previously operated in silos. It includes a team of players with a clear mission to digitize the parking industry globally. Get My Parking (GMP) was founded in 2015 by Chirag Jain and Rasik Pansare with the vision of making every parking transaction a subconscious experience. With a strong foundation of team, technology and partnerships, GMP creates a scalable platform to connect the parking industry internally as well as with urban mobility stakeholders.

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