Noonan 4.8″ Billet Hemi Engine

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It has been more than 15 years since Noonan Race Engineering was first founded in Australia. Every year since opening in 2006, the machine shop and engine shop, located today in Spartanburg, SC, continues to enhance its reputation as a premium supplier of machined aluminum engine components. high performance for professional motorsport teams and enthusiasts who want the ultimate in performance.

Noonan’s Billet 4.8″ Hemi

The 22,000 square feet. The shop, owned by Jamie and Renee Noonan, specializes in manufacturing its own billet cylinder heads, billet manifolds, billet valve covers and billet engine block designs for alcohol supercharged and turbocharged Hemi and LS engines. Noonan Race Engineering draws on its experience and customer interactions to continuously design, test, develop and build better performance solutions to stay ahead of the demanding curve associated with racing.

As such, they can usually be found at the annual PRI show in Indianapolis, which is exactly where we caught up with them – at the 2021 show – to check out one of their best-selling engine combinations – a billet of 4.8 inch Hemi Motor – which can be used in applications such as NHRA Pro Mod, Top Alcohol, Outlaw Pro Mod and Tractor Pulling.

Has a dry sump lubrication system, although a wet sump configuration can be used.

“This is our 4,800˝ drill space configuration, 426R large deck rig,” says Barry Pettit of Noonan Race Engineering. “This particular motor set is for tractors pulling mini rods or Outlaw Pro Mod setups. This manifold is supposed to have recoil because it’s tractor specific, so it takes about 572 cid to meet the rules.

This Hemi engine was at the forefront of Noonan’s booth, as this is an engine combo that the shop has pushed the limits of in order to achieve a whole new level of power. This combo features the 4.8-inch billet Hemi block, all-new X2 billet cylinder heads, X2 billet manifold and X2 billet rocker covers, and is available for screw/root or turbo compressor combinations / ProCharger.

The valve covers are machined in-house by Noonan Race Engineering and almost 98% of the raw aluminum is machined.

“It’s a solid platform and we’ve been very lucky with it,” Pettit told us. “We will machine the block, cylinder heads, valve covers and manifold in-house. We try to do as much as possible. Even something like valve covers come as a solid block of aluminum. Once machined, 98% of this aluminum ends up in the trash. »

Internally on the 4.8˝ Hemi, Noonan uses only quality components such as a forged crank arm, aluminum rods, CP pistons, Total Seal rings, Trend wrists, custom Bullet camshaft, Cleveite coated bearings, Jesel tappets, PSI springs, Manley valves, and Reid or Manton rockers.

The intake manifold has a recoil specific to tractor pull rules.

Additional Hemi combo components include an MSD Pro Mag 44, MSD cables, Dan Olson oil pan, Barnes dry sump oil pump, RCD magnetic drive and RCD fuel pump extension, as well as a Noonan front cover and gear drive assembly.

“Everything about these engines is similar to what you would see in a normal endurance race engine, but everything is bigger,” says Pettit. “We’ll be running 4.500˝ bore and 4.000-4.250˝ stroke. As far as the valvetrain goes, we’re comfortable with 9,000-10,000 rpm on the 4.8-inch Hemi. Our 4.9-inch set can ride a bit higher thanks to the raised cam.

Over 3,000 HP of Billet Hemi Goodness

“There are a lot of components that go into an engine, so we focus on what’s out there and what’s best for the rider. However, if we can’t get in front of a supplier, we’re a machine shop. , so we’ll build something ourselves, normally we’ll see around 3,000-3,200 horsepower with something like this.

Making around 3,200 horsepower without breaking a sweat is thanks to the reliability of the Noonan brand.

“We’re known for our reliability, and for customers like our tractor salesmen, when they come up for a pull, they only get one chance,” he says. “They don’t get any type of training or qualification or anything. This is an area in which we feel we excel. Our products look and work well.

This 4.8-inch billet Hemi engine is just another example of that reputation ringing true.

This 4.8″ Hemi can be available for screw compressor/roots or turbo/ProCharger combinations.

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