My Maruti S-Cross 1.6 diesel: engine review after 6 years and 2.2 lakh km

Driving my car quietly (60-65 km/h) on the highways with the air conditioner off, I was even able to achieve a fuel consumption of 30 km/l.

BHPian ShubhankarS recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

It’s been about 6 years and my S-Cross 1.6 Delta has just done 2.20 lakh miles. With all regular maintenance and parts replaced, and an engine overhaul at around 1.8 lakh miles, the car runs like clockwork. These days, he clocks 50 miles a day on the highways and as you can imagine, for the majority of his miles, he clocked them on the highways.

This article is about the 1.6 MultiJet CRDI diesel engine review. Let’s start with its performance first.

One thing is clear, this engine is not for anyone who plans to rev their car flat out at every gear. It is definitely not a diesel engine that drives very well. It can rev up to 5,000 rpm, but like a typical diesel engine, there’s no need to stretch it to that point. There is turbo lag up to about 1600rpm and plenty of done, despite using a VGT (Variable Geometry Turbo) like the DDIS 200 engines, but exceed that and the turbo will kick in with a emergency spike.

However, don’t push the rpm past 3800 rpm as there isn’t much power left beyond that point. Unfortunately, the peak torque drops quite quickly, but the engine still pushes hard up to 3800 rpm. Simply keep the rpm between 1600 and 3800 rpm and the car will perform with ultimate amounts of punch. These 320 NM are best used in 4th gear and above. I even pass cars on the highway in 5th gear! In gears above 3rd, the torque band will also feel quite wide.

The USP of the 1.6 MultiJet engine is its meaty, punchy mid-range, its ability to outrun high-speed cars and reach triple-digit speeds with ease. It’s not the best in terms of bottom-out acceleration, but diesel turbos aren’t built to do that anyway.

TLDR: keep the engine between 1600 and 3800 rpm and the car will feel very punchy, although the monstrous 320 NM torque will drop quite quickly in the lower gears.

When I drive it in the quietest way possible, on highways, it can even give 30 KMPL while maintaining 60-65 KMPH without AC power. In town, it gives between 14-16 KMPL with AC.

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