Multiple Hours | Quadrise: Latest Testing Reveals “Much Higher Diesel Engine Efficiency” of bioMSAR™ Product

Quadrise, the supplier of MSAR® and bioMSAR™ emulsion fuels and technology, confirmed on Monday 31 January the results of the latest bioMSAR™ tests at the UK test facility of Aquafuel Research Ltd (Aquafuel).

The results relate to further bioMSAR™ engine optimization tests, conducted on the company’s Cummins high-speed 4-stroke diesel generator set, to enable precise performance monitoring, optimization and measurements.

They follow the first tests at Aquafuel, the results of which were published by the Company on February 1, 2021.

In 2021, the engine has been modified to allow the injection timing to be advanced and performance to be monitored more accurately. These improvements have made it possible to evaluate and optimize engine efficiency and emissions while using bioMSAR™ and other fuels.

Initial benchmark testing as part of the latest testing was undertaken to ensure that past bioMSAR™ performance results were reproducible. These confirmed previously announced engine efficiency benefits of 3% and reductions in nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions of over 20% compared to diesel fuel.

The next phase of testing now complete has demonstrated that by advancing the injection timing, engine efficiency can be increased by more than 13%, further reducing fuel consumption and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. ).

Typically, higher engine efficiencies result in higher combustion temperatures and higher NOx emissions. However, it should be particularly noted that the latest Aquafuel tests have confirmed that it is possible with bioMSAR™ to reduce the intake air temperature to the same level as diesel. This resulted in a further reduction in NOx levels of over 30%, approximately 45% less than diesel fuel.

These latest tests have therefore shown that it is possible to achieve much higher diesel engine efficiency with bioMSAR™, without increasing NOx emissions. Further testing is planned with Aquafuel during the year to focus on fully defining the parameters for optimizing efficiency and emissions.

“We are thrilled to achieve these outstanding results for bioMSAR™, providing further technical validation of the fuel’s potential,” said Jason Miles, CEO of Quadrise.

“The superior engine efficiency and reduced emissions demonstrated by Aquafuel’s testing are very attractive features for all future bioMSAR™ customers, especially those with ambitious decarbonization goals.

“These results support our plans for larger scale bioMSAR™ testing this year, and ultimately commercialization.”

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Photo credit: Quadrise
Posted: February 3, 2022

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