Mahindra MM540: Engine overheating problem on sloping roads

The vehicle engine temperature goes over 100 quickly and when it gets hot I also lose power.

BHPian sijuko recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Hi connoisseurs,

I use a 96 MM540 model and it always overheats on climbs. The temperature quickly goes over 100 and continues to rise and if you return to flat roads or stop and slow the engine it gradually returns to 80 or lower. When the engine is hot, I also lose power.

The items below are already supported

  • Brand new copper radiator and a waterproof cap
  • New water pump and water hoses
  • New and fairly tight drive belt
  • The engine is completely overhauled
  • Use of coolant + water

I’ve been using this vehicle for 15 years and recently started doing off-road events and now I’m in this situation.

Still to try

  • Addition of a condenser fan in front of the radiator
  • Upgrade to DI/MDI engine.

Here is what GTO had to say about it:

Common problem with this Mahindra 2.1L. How I fixed overheating issues in my Jeep:

  • Good fairing/cover for the fan.
  • Large radiator from Lawrence Radiators. Bought the larger one that would fit.
  • An electric fan was lined up in case it all didn’t work, but we didn’t need it.

Here is what BHPian Jaggu had to say about it:

Have you checked the notes on the cap, if they match the XDP engine?

You seem to have taken care of most of the usual suspects on the cooling side. First, if you have the fan shroud around the heatsink? It makes a difference and then it’s like you want to try, adding an extra electric fan on the outside and making sure it pushes the air in and doesn’t spin the other way .

Another thing you can check is the fuel pump, how is the pump set since the engine is new, if not set too lean?

How much did the engine rev after the rebuild?

Here is what BHPian Ashley Nair had to say about it:

Please check if the engine thermostat valve opens properly.

Here is what BHPian Emvi had to say about it:

I suspect it could be a cracked/blown head gasket. I suggest you get it checked and if that’s what I suspect, chances are the cylinder head is bent or damaged as well.

We had had a few Peugeot powered Mahindras in the past and experienced similar issues to the one you are currently experiencing. If for some reason the engine overheats, the aluminum cylinder head (correct me if I’m wrong) tends to warp quite easily. Once deformed, the engine overheats quite frequently accompanied by a loss of power in the event of heavy load or climbing slopes.

Here is what BHPian MB4DI had to say about it:

I just wanted to share a mod made by someone I know. It used the Tata Xenon radiator which has two electric fans with sealed shrouds along with its degassing tank unit. This helped him immensely to keep the coolant temperature in check even during hills with AC ON in the summer.

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