Leak from the long wheelbase of the BMW X5; dimensions, engine specifications and more


Posted on Dec. 2021 09:00:00

Most of the length added on the BMW X5 LWB has gone into the wheelbase, making it now identical to the larger X7.

Bmw is preparing a long-wheelbase version of the X5, called the X5 xDrive40 Li, which will initially be sold only in China. The Chinese passenger vehicle market often sees several global vehicles adapted in an exclusive long-wheelbase form to meet local tastes. Rear legroom is a priority for Chinese car buyers, which has allowed China to see exclusive stretched versions of models like the Range Rover Evoque and even the Bmw x1.

  • BMW X5 LWB will initially be sold only in the Chinese market
  • It is 138mm longer than the standard X5; gets a longer wheelbase of 130mm
  • Will be powered by a 3.0-liter, 365-hp inline six-cylinder petrol engine

BMW X5 xDrive40 Li: what’s different?

A file from China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has revealed some key details of the stretched X5. Typical of BMW, the “Li” in the name suggests that this is the long wheelbase variant. And that brings us to the most obvious update on the X5 xDrive 40 Li, which is the increase in length of the SUV, most of which went into the wheelbase.

It is 5,060mm long, which is 138mm longer than the regular X5. Meanwhile, the wheelbase measures 3,105mm, which is 130mm longer than the X5’s normal 2975mm wheelbase. As for the width, the two versions measure 2,004 mm identical. With a height of 1,779mm, the X5 LWB is also 34mm taller than the standard model.

To give you a little more perspective, the current biggest SUV from BMW, the X7, is 5,151mm long with a wheelbase of 3,105mm, is 2,000mm wide and 1,805mm high. The long X5 and X7 wheelbases therefore have an identical wheelbase, although the former is 91mm shorter than the latter.

BMW X5 xDrive40 Li: exterior design

The Chinese government file also featured some images of the X5 xDrive40 Li in its M Sport form. In terms of design, the stretched X5 does not have a noticeable difference from the regular model apart from the longer rear doors.

Documentation also revealed that the SUV will be available with a choice of 21-inch wheels measuring 275/40 in the front and 315/35 in the rear, while the 22-inch wheels will be wrapped in 275/35 to l. ‘front and 315/30 at the rear. The SUV can also be specified in chrome or gloss black exterior trim sets for window frames and roof rails.

BMW X5 xDrive40 Li: powertrain details

Under the hood, the X5 xDrive40 Li will be powered by a 3.0-liter, 365bhp inline six-cylinder petrol engine, 25bhp more than the standard X5 wheelbase available worldwide. The ramp-up must have come to compensate for the extra weight that comes with the longer body and the larger canopy. The same engine is also offered on the X7 in India.

Long wheelbase BMW models in India

Although the BMW X5 xDrive40 Li is currently only destined for China, it should be noted that the German automaker has also recognized the market for long-wheelbase luxury cars in India. Earlier this year, BMW launched the Gran Limousine Series 3 in India as the LWB version of the series 3 standard. In fact, India is the only market where BMW sells a long wheelbase right-hand drive version of the 3 Series. However, the 3 Series is a relatively high volume product compared to the X5 here, and it is highly unlikely. may the X5 LWB reach our shores.

Do you think BMW should consider bringing the X5 LWB to India as well? Let us know in the comments below.

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