Latest Morgan Super 3 comes with Ford engine and Mazda MX-5 gearbox

Morgan Motor Company benefits from its reputation as a maker of durable three-wheelers classic cars. When the English automaker announced the Morgan 3 Wheeler, it was met with mixed reviews. Indeed, the last-minute engine change shocked many people.

You see, when the prototype debuted, it ran on a Harley-Davidson V-twin engine. Eventually, the production model relied on an S&S flat-twin engine. The 3-Wheeler was a fine piece of metal and beauty, but its glory could not last long, especially when the engine barely met European emissions criteria.

When a change became imperative, Morgan spawned the idea of ​​a Super 3 model. to come up. Equipped with a formidable 1.5L Ford EcoBoost engine, it can produce 118 horsepower and 110 lb-ft of torque at 6,600 rpm and 4,500 rpm respectively.

Apart from the engine upgrade, the Super 3 also features a Mazda MX-5 gearbox which further embodies modern invention. Significant changes are found in other parts of the vehicle, and contrary to popular opinion, the Super 3 won’t cost that much.

We look forward to receiving this iconic sports car when it arrives in the United States later this year. Let’s find out more about the latest creation from Morgan Motor Company.

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A look at the Morgan Motor Company

The front of the 3 Wheeler

Henry Frederick Stanley Morgan is the founder of the company and he established Morgan Motor in 1910. Before starting the company he had assembled a three-wheeler, his first, in 1909. Until 1952, Morgan Motor is launched into a three-wheeler production frenzy. , releasing models that have conquered several races.

Still headquartered in Malvern, Worcestershire, it has around 222 employees and has an annual production record of 850 units. Because the cars are built by hand, it will take you six months to get one. However, it wasn’t always that way, as some would-be three-wheeler buyers spent nearly a decade on the waiting list.

What is special about the Ford engine?

An image of the Ford EcoBoost engine

Although you already know that the engine of the Super 3 is the mighty 1.5L EcoBoost Dragon, this section explores everything you don’t know about it. For starters, it’s a turbocharged three-cylinder engine capable of powering subcompact and compact cars like the Ford Escape and Ford Focus. It is also good for crossover vehicles.

It has dual overhead cam integration paired with an in-line layout. Inspired by the Ford Fox engine, it is rather an upgrade of the latter. For optimum performance, it is designed to use cylinder deactivation technology and has an exquisite aluminum configuration as well as an exhaust manifold.

The Super 3’s engine can mix port fuel injection and direct fuel injection to promote efficiency. Let’s not forget that variable low-inertia turbochargers are present. Based on the Ford Fox engine design, the Dragon engine belongs to the Ford Ecoboost line from 2014 to date.

What does the face of the Super 3 look like

Image showing the front angle of the Super 3

Up front, you’ll find twin headlights and a horseshoe-shaped grille, both of which carry Morgan’s signature design ideal. Two tiny aluminum turrets sit on the headlight nacelles and house the position indicators and beams. In doing so, it meets the prerequisites of the wide field of view.

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Engineers placed the engine under the car’s nose cone, a conscious effort to achieve excellent weight ratio and equal proportion. It is located behind the center lines of the front wheels, and thanks to a mesh, the rolling mechanical components are observable.

What the Super 3 side blades do

Morgan confessed that it was quite difficult to achieve a minor footprint while improving the turning radius of the predecessor. To solve this problem, the engineers covered the radiator with thin and elegant panels. In an airplane, the typical term is “diffusion plates”, but for the Super 3, just treat them as side blades.

Regarding their roles, the side blades regulate the incoming and outgoing air flows with the radiation. Moreover, this concept is synonymous with Morgan’s idea of ​​designing a central body surrounded by distinct wing shapes. You can paint the side blades to merge with the main body color, or you can just request a unique paint job.

What’s new inside the Super 3?

Morgan Super 3 interior image

Before moving on to the interior specifics, know that this part of the automobile is made to last. Every part of the interior is dustproof, the advantage behind its IP64 protection level. The interior is also water resistant, even when dropped on the USB ports.

The dashboard contains center-mounted dials, a Morgan tradition. However, they are nothing like your memories, as they are now digital. For the engine start/stop button, think of the missile launch button on an airplane, it’s similar to the Super 3.

The seats include several materials like vinyl, water resistant leather, saddle leather with improved durability and a special fabric that combines water resistance and UV (ultraviolet) resistance.

The Super 3 redefines the Morgan Motor Company

According to Jonathan Wells, head of design at Morgan, the Super 3 “stands out as something different”. We agree with this statement because its design, the engine, is nothing like the 3-Wheeler. When it becomes available in the United States, it should sell for around $46,490. Compared to the older model, the Super 3 is a more exciting and affordable option.

Road Morgan Super 3
Ford-powered Morgan Super 3 debuts as all-new three-wheeler

The Super 3’s design is inspired by the jet era and can sprint from zero to 100 km/h in 7 seconds.

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