Ken Block Out at Pikes Peak after blowing up a 1,400 horsepower Porsche engine

Ken Block and his 1,400 horsepower Porsche are excluded from this year’s Pikes Peak competition. Block blew up the engine and a short video posted to his Facebook page shows the extensive damage. This ended his chances of qualifying for Sunday’s event.

Block went into more detail about the damage on Twitter, revealing the engine had dropped a valve, causing catastrophic engine failure. Block and his crews tried to fix the engine, flying around parts of California, but that wasn’t enough to put the Porsche back on the course for the climb.

We got a full look at the Porsche Hoonipigasus last month, where we learned that the BBi Autosport-built 911 had a twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter flat-six engine that produced an astonishing 1,400 horsepower ( 1,043 kilowatts) that flows to all four wheels. That’s a lot for any car, but this Porsche tips the scales partly at 1,000 kilograms (2,204 pounds).

It was the 100th edition of the event, and Block will have to miss it. Block said he and his team were “all gutted”. However, he added that he plans to return in 2023. Block first competed in the Pikes Peak event in 2005 and has returned for more. The Pikes Peak International Hill Climb is a beast of a race, covering a 12.42 mile course up to 4,725 feet and around 156 turns.

Those attending Pikes Peak won’t be able to watch the car go up the hill, but it will still be at the event for spectators to see. They’ll have the opportunity to check out the car’s unique pink livery reminiscent of the 1971 Porsche 917/20 “Pink Pig”. It might not be hill racing, but it would still be cool to see the custom-built racer.

It’s always disappointing when your running effort ends before it really begins. A team can prepare for the worst, but disasters are sometimes too bad to overcome, that’s what happened with Block. We look forward to seeing him again next year.

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