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If you ask Justina Reusch what has attracted the diesel industry the most here, she’ll tell you it’s the engines.

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“Honestly, the smell of diesel fuel, the sights and sounds of running engines and the power that can be created from some of those engines are more exciting than anything gasoline to me,” said Reusch. “There’s just more torque coming out of it and they’re just beefier all around.”

Many people are introduced to this industry at an early age, whether in a store atmosphere or through some form of racing. However, not many can say that they attended their first tractor pulling event at just two weeks old! In the case of Justina Reusch, that’s exactly how she got started with diesel motorsport and it’s been in her blood ever since.

“My dad has an Allis Chalmers D21 Super Stock pull tractor that we pulled on state and national circuits,” says Reusch. “Growing up, I was always in the store and in the store helping them with the engine. When I was about eight, I really started to dive into stuff. “

As it became more and more clear that Justina would like to pursue a profession around something diesel related, she went to the Medina County Career Center for the Commercial Truck and Diesel Equipment Mechanic class. She completed this two-year program and then attended Owens Community College in Perrysburg, Ohio, where she earned an associate’s degree in applied science in diesel technology.

“On top of that, I have always driven implements, trucks and tractors, and worked on them in and out of different jobs,” says Reusch. “You could say diesel fuel is pretty much in my blood. “

Justina met her husband Kyle while working for her uncle in a truck repair shop during his college days and the two hit it off right away. The couple have since made farming and diesel trucks their livelihood.

“People saw the quality of the work and some of the builds that we did and people liked what we did and they started bringing their trucks to us,” says Reusch. “In 2007 we bought our property from my parents and we had a shop here. Through word of mouth the store grew and we brought in a few young guys to help us work and build traction trucks and fix the daily drivers. We do all kinds of truck repairs, maintenance and modifications.

While the store started in 2007, it wasn’t until 2010 that Reusch Diesel got an official name and became an official business. In fact, Justina and her husband still had other full-time jobs outside of Reusch Diesel.

“I helped teach the commercial trucking course at the Career Center for a few years, and my husband ran his family farm and he still does today,” she says. “We would come home and work in the store until two in the morning, then get up at five and have to go to work. He was going to feed the cows, do all the field work he needed, and work on the farm equipment.

“In 2011 we had our son and we decided it would be good if I took over the store full time, rather than trying to juggle everything. From that point on, we grew and did more and more work. We do a lot of trucks and have become well known in the area.

Reusch Diesel currently operates an area of ​​3,200 square feet. store space, but has a total of 8,000 sq.ft. throughout the building, which is located in Spencer, OH. The shop’s five full-time employees work on Cummins, Powerstroke and Duramax trucks for light to medium duty applications and do everything from regular repairs and maintenance to complete engine building and performance work.

“The performance and the modifications are the fun part of it all – being able to build drag racing trucks and pull trucks – that’s obviously what we love to do. That’s the fun thing, ”she says. “We also like to do Cummins conversions and engine conversions, but we have to do regular routine maintenance and daily entry and exit operations to keep things flowing around the shop. “

While Justina loves to see her store do a good job, she also loves to see more women entering the motorsport industry.

“Today you see more women in motorsport and I’m helping promote that at the local career center,” said Reusch. “I’m going to talk to them every year when they have their meetings and I try to push and strive for that. I have already had female mechanics in the shop and my service writer is a woman. The touch of the woman can sometimes be a little more careful.

Although she has been in this industry her entire life, it hasn’t always been easy, even when you are the store owner.

“People come in and ask to speak to the store owner, or can we speak to the technician or can we speak to your husband or they will say your husband’s truck or your husband’s is this and that,” admits Reusch . “No, you’re going to talk to me. I am the technician. This is my shop. It’s my thing. I don’t really want to put people in their place and let them know this is a female-owned store, but they’ve definitely gotten used, especially our loyal customers, to women being in a world of men.

After more than a decade of running Reusch Diesel, Justina says it never gets easier, but the work done by the workshop keeps everyone motivated at a high level.

“People love the quality of our work and they keep coming back and we’re proud of it,” she says. “I get the most joy from the accomplishments and accomplishments that come from some of the things we have been able to build and put on the streets without outside help. The fact that we can build some of these custom trucks in our store and see them work – whether it’s on the pull track or on the street or on a drag strip – it’s just nice to be able to see something. on which you have spent countless hours. start and hurtle down the street or track. It’s a good feeling. Being able to feel this power hitting the ground is a great moment for us.

“I’m proud to be able to run this workshop and help people achieve their goals and see some of the technicians I’ve trained grow up and build to the standards that I love to see. I had younger children who came from the career center and it’s nice to see them being able to make their dreams come true and be able to learn and gain something from their work here.

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