Jeep to halt sales of internal combustion engines in most of Europe

Jeep will stop selling vehicles powered solely by internal combustion engines in major European countries by the end of the year, the brand’s CEO Christian Meunier said on Wednesday.

This means that from 2023 Jeep will only have hybrid models available in these countries. Stellantis NV’s SUV brand will also launch its first all-electric vehicle next year, which it touted as a two-door crossover. Jeep plans to have a battery-electric model in each of its segments by 2025.

As for the U.S., when conventional powertrains will be phased out for the brand hasn’t been determined, but it’s not anytime soon, Meunier said during a virtual press briefing on a new ad campaign. on the theme “Jurassic World”: “The decision has not been made, because the market does not evolve at the same speed, so we still have a few years left.”

Jeep only has plug-in hybrid options on the Wrangler and new Grand Cherokee in North America. The $53,795 Wrangler 4xe, the most popular plug-in hybrid in the United States, according to the company, accounts for about 25% of North American Wrangler sales.

“If we could produce more, we could sell more,” Meunier said. “I would say the Grand Cherokee will probably be at least the same, the same scale with 25% of the mix.”

A combination of components, including battery components, Meunier said, limits production of the Wrangler 4xe to Toledo, Ohio. The Grand Cherokee, whose 4xe model starts at $58,095, is built in Detroit.

“The build-up is coming,” he said, “so I think we’ll be in much better shape by the end of this year.”

The automaker sold nearly 46,000 Wranglers and more than 75,000 Grand Cherokees in the first three months of 2022 in the United States. It will release its second-quarter sales next month.

In Europe, the brand also offers plug-in hybrid versions of the Jeep Renegade and Compass crossovers.

In line with the Stellantis Group’s overall sales target, Jeep expects 100 percent of its sales to be battery-electric in Europe and half in the United States by 2030, Meunier said.

“There is enough demand to make a bold move in Europe,” he said. “We’re really picking up the pace, but obviously North America is a few years behind Europe in terms of pure electrification.”

Jeep also launched a global ad campaign featuring the Wrangler 4xe ahead of the premiere of Universal and Amblin Entertainment’s “Jurassic World: Dominion,” the conclusion of the $5 billion movie franchise. The film will feature a Wrangler truck, Gladiator and a vintage Jeep Wrangler veneer, said Olivier Francois, global marketing director.

Jeep Brand Partners with Universal Pictures for Global Launch "Jurassic World: Dominion" marketing campaign featuring a baby Carnotaurus.

Members of Jeep Wave, the brand’s loyalty program, will also have the opportunity to view the film at drive-in events in cities across the United States on June 8, including Detroit, Chicago, New York, Miami and Los Angeles, and June 9. in Warwick, New Jersey.

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