Introducing the next-generation 2023 Ford Ranger: new engine, 600 accessories

Today is the day. And depending on where you are in the world, that means in the middle of the night, not yet midnight, or late in the evening. This is because today the reveal of the Ford Ranger 2023 is a global event. Powered by Ford Australia, the next-gen Ford Ranger P703 represents a great reboot of the midsize truck product life cycle, which started in some markets as early as 2011. Because the point is, most of the global truck buyers care. mostly for durability and purpose, and less for the leather-lined glove boxes and touchscreen size as we see here in the full size market (F-150). So it’s less about constant updates and updates than about maintaining quality. It worked the same for Dodge and its seasoned Charger and Challenger muscle cars, which won a JD Power Quality Award last year.

Update: The Ford Ranger Raptor has been teased and will debut in three months!

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But enough about it all, you are here for the next-gen Ford Ranger.

Below is a live stream of the official reveal of the 2023 Ford Ranger, which will debut with the global specification model to launch in Australia, followed by Europe and other key markets. It’s a taste of what to expect from the next-gen Ranger here in the US, which will likely see tweaks to suspension tuning, tires, operating software, engines, and specs. payload / towing. That said, the sheet metal should be uniform, as should the interior.

Next Generation Ford Ranger for Global Markets

The all-new Ford Ranger P703 will be sold worldwide. And as such, it is doomed to endure all manner of dark levels of abuse. Like shepherds who had gone astray, they heard of sheep that reached a rocky and salty shore on the west coast of Crete. Or overlanding for a month in the Australian Outback. Or travel for miles on an icy road in the Siberian tundra. Or, maybe overloaded beyond its maximum payload capacities during the Argentinian harvest season. Or used as a mining service truck in the Horn of Africa.

And also because it is sold all over the world, there are bound to be more than a few customers who might need a little coaching with their new truck. So Ford also showcased its Ranger Concierge program, which gives Ranger owners 24/7 access to someone who can help them with anything from pairing their Bluetooth device to setting up their. FordPass app.

Next Generation Ford Ranger XLT Sport Wildtrak P703
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At launch, the Ford Ranger P703 will be available in five trim levels: the base XL, then the XLS, XLT, Sport and the famous Wildtrak. The next-gen Ranger Raptor will debut in three months.

Depending on your trim level, the next-gen Ford Ranger comes with three engines: a pair of four-cylinder turbodiesel with one or two turbochargers, as well as a powerful 3.0-liter V6 turbodiesel. Six- and 10-speed automatic transmissions will send power to the wheels depending on the engine and trim level.

Is this “new” 3.0L V6 diesel the ephemeral V6 Power Stroke of the F-150? We hope to find out soon. Either way, it’s an existing Ford engine, not a base design, that is making its way into the next-gen Ranger. The power output of the Ranger V6 diesel isn’t immediately available, nor are the trim levels that will support it.

The next-generation Ford Ranger P703 will also feature 600 accessories at launch. That’s three times more than the Bronco. Ford says a significant amount comes from ARB. No low shelving stuff here.

Image via Ford

New Generation Ford Ranger P703N in America

The Ford Ranger P703N bound for the United States and Canada won’t exist until 2023, so we still have two years left of the current T6 model (and special editions like the Ranger Splash) before the one that debuted today. Today is starting to roll out of the Michigan Assembly Plant, a short walk from the Detroit Metro Airport. And expect it to be there for at least 10 years. 2031 is the date on which the product life cycle of the P703N Ranger is expected to end.

Plus, North American markets will finally appreciate the Ford Ranger Raptor, which is expected to share a lot of gear with the upcoming Ford Bronco Raptor. This could cause problems for the Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 and GMC Canyon AT4X. More exciting times await you.

Ford Ranger Wildtrak P703 P703N Next-Gen Next-Generation 2023 2024
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