Internal Combustion Engine Update: New SUV With Trident Emblem Appears On Video

Maserati has presented its new Grecale SUV model, which will also be available in an all-electric version from 2023. The electric vehicle, dubbed Grecale Folgore, will feature 400-volt technology and a 105 kWh battery, electrive reported. .com. .

Latest on ICE: A new SUV with the trident emblem appeared on the video

In addition to the sizes – Grecale is 4.84 meters long, 2.16 meters wide including the side mirrors and 1.67 meters high – Maserati hardly mentions any additional information about the electric version and its drive in the Grecale announcement. Only a 400 volt system, a 105 kWh battery (no indication, full or clean) and a maximum torque of 800 Nm are mentioned.

It will most likely be an electric all-wheel-drive model with at least two drives – the GranTurismo Folgore electric coupe, which will also arrive in 2023, will get around three electric drives. Maserati doesn’t mention the power of the system, but InsideEVs reckons it’s “probably over 350kW” including torque.

The range is also not yet known, but an estimate in the WLTP range of 500 km should be realistic. The BMW iX xDrive50 with 105 kWh also has a range of up to 561 km according to WLTP. At the front, the Grecale Folgore sports a wide grille in the shape of combustion models, which of course does not offer optimal aerodynamics.

In terms of charging performance, Maserati should also be on par with the iX, at least on paper. This is quite logical, because the CCS system is designed for a maximum of 500 amperes, therefore at a voltage of 400 volts, a charging power of no more than 200 kW is possible. The question is how long Grecale Folgore can maintain this level before shutting down – the battery size should allow for a long plateau, but this has not been confirmed. Maserati does not mention charging power or 80% charging time.

The fact that Grecale Folgore – unlike GranTurismo – has a 400V system is tied to its platform: it is not yet based on Stellantis’ STLA platforms which have been optimized for e-readers and support charges these 800V systems. voltage in large versions. Since the Grecale is also available with four- and six-cylinder internal combustion engines, it is based on the Giorgio internal combustion engine platform and therefore associated with vehicles such as the Alfa Romeo Stelvio or the Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Therefore, ICE models correspond not only in body proportions, but also in the interior. There’s a 12.3-inch screen in the cabin, an equally large infotainment screen and an 8.8-inch touchscreen for climate control. The space inside seems rather arbitrary. However, as with previous models, Maserati seems to rely on familiar values ​​such as high-quality leather and woodwork.

The possible price of the electric version of the Grecale and the exact market launch in 2023 are still unknown. As stated, Maserati wants to become an all-electric brand by 2030.

Author: Chris Randall

Prepared by: Sergei Daga

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