Impact of ambient temperature on diesel engine oil (and other seasonal maintenance tips)

Do you feel that way? The cold in the wind giving way to the heat of the sun. The fresh scent of blooming flowers. The bursts of light still rising above the horizon long after dinner time. Yes, friends of the fleet, spring is here. (Or at least it’s pretty close after a long winter.) It’s time to get your trucks ready for a new season.

Ambient temperatures are rising and this could impact the performance of your diesel engine oil. “When you look at a place like Prudhoe Bay, Alaska versus Phoenix, Arizona, you have to be very aware of your engine’s needs and the ambient temperature – minimum and maximum -” said Ron LeBlanc. Sr., Senior Technical Advisor at Petro-Canada Lubricants, a HollyFrontier brand. This could mean the need for further analysis of the engine oil or even to change the grades of engine oil.

To learn more about the seasonal impact on diesel engine oil, I reached out to LeBlanc in the video above. Watch for all previews.

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