Hyundai permanently halts the development of internal combustion engines

Earlier this year, whispers and rumors that Hyundai executives were halting all internal combustion engine development floated around the web, and as of this month, it appears to be more than just rumors.

shuffle the game

A major reorganization of its research institute in Namyang took place a few weeks ago, according to Business Korea and The Korean Business Daily, and with it comes some significant changes. Namely, the powertrain team has been converted into an electrification development team that will look into everything related to electric vehicles, including research and development of future Hyundai products.

Additionally, the Motor Development Center has been closed and the Battery Development Center is taking its place. Its mission is to focus solely on electrification from now on.

More mixing and matching in the redesign has seen the integrated product development team partner with the project management team, the result of which will oversee mass production, design and more across each of the car manufacturer vehicle levels. With 12,000 R&D employees based at the Namyang Research Institute, the changes affect a large part of the staff.

A good start

Hyundai’s latest set of moves towards a fully electrified future should come as no shock, as we recently reported on the 2021 release of the Ioniq 5 and the upcoming Ioniq 7 SUV which is nearing production. The reorganization becoming official might raise a few eyebrows, though, at least for those who haven’t bought into the idea of ​​a world without internal combustion engine options at local dealerships. Again, Hyundai’s current range of internal combustion engines are advanced and could serve the fleet for a long time, making the need for new developments less critical when transitioning to electric vehicles.

With 2022 just days away, Hyundai’s New Year’s plans are stupendous. The group promises to unveil a new electric vehicle model every year for the foreseeable future.

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