Hush! Oregon community wants to silence ‘unmuffled engine braking’

EAST SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — The community of East Springfield is cracking down on what it calls “unmuffled engine braking” after residents complained they lost sleep over the noise.

In the trucking industry, he is commonly referred to as Jake Braking.

During a Jake Brake, the engine braking mechanism fitted to some diesel engines opens the exhaust valves to the cylinders just before the end of the compression stroke, releasing compressed gas trapped in the cylinders and slowing the vehicle.

This action also creates what can be a very loud noise from the exhausts.

In a press release, the Springfield Police Department (SPD) said it is teaming up with the Oregon Department of Transportation and Springfield Public Works to ensure the continued enforcement of East Springfield’s Jake Braking. at Bob Straub Parkway over the next few weeks.

“Beyond speed being a very serious factor for these large heavy vehicles, many of which are logging trucks hauling timber from the Holiday Farm fire area to the mills, the use of unmuffled engine braking has woken up citizens as early as 4 a.m.,” the SPD press release said.

“Our traffic team will monitor speed and engine braking to ensure compliance with Oregon traffic laws and educate truckers of potential enforcement.”

The press release said that “we support our local truckers and their important role in our local economy, but also want to ensure that the well-being of our citizens is taken into consideration, which is why these rules of the road are in place”. to start.

“There are clear exceptions for the proper use of these engine brakes, such as the urgent need to stop, and our team will monitor those details as well.”

Below is a sample video of Jake Braking posted by the SPD on its Facebook page.

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