Hot Shot’s Secret 10w-30 Blue Diamond PAO Diesel Engine Oil

The secret of Hot Shot, a leading brand of high performance additives and specialty oils developed with nano-lubricant technology, now expands its line of Blue Diamond PAO diesel engine oils with a new 10w-30 offering for heavy-duty diesel vehicles

All Hot Shot Secret Blue Diamond oils use 100% synthetic Group IV poly-alpha-olefin (PAO) oil and high quality Group V esters for a 100% synthetic formula. Previously introduced in two viscosities, 15w-40 and 5w-40, this new 10w-30 viscosity expands the Blue Diamond oil range to meet additional engine oil specifications.

Using 100% synthetic Group IV and Group V base oils, a robust CK-4 additive package and the infusion of patented FR3 nano lubricant technology, Blue Diamond PAO 10w-30 provides a level unsurpassed in longevity and performance unlike other synthetic oils. . Benefits include improved starting, increased power and fuel economy, reduced soot, extended engine life and reduced friction.

With improved oxidation, shear and thermal stability, Blue Diamond 10w-30 is a more fortified oil than competitive brands that resists breakdown allowing for longer drain intervals; while reducing engine wear up to 71% better than CJ-4 spec. Oil change intervals can be extended up to every 50 to 100,000 miles if the oil is monitored every 10,000 miles for Total Base Number (TBN). This oil also requires a very small amount of viscosity improvers to meet weight specifications, allowing it to be formulated with additional additives to improve performance.

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