Here’s what we love about the BMW M2 engine


Bmw has succeeded in making sure that the new M2 is a monster of a car and that it will not compromise when it comes to maximum performance. Engineers from BMW’s M division are working on a new model that is sure to thrill the automaker’s regular customer base, and the M2 will debut in 2022.

Auto Express reports that in 2018, BMW M called the M2 “the most powerful growth engine”. The M2 remains a crucial model for the brand despite the fact that the M brand portfolio has dramatically expanded in the years since, with more SUVs and now even more electric models with M division entry.

Codenamed G87, it is rumored that this new performance vehicle will aim to take advantage of the new 3 and 4 Series derivative platform on which the 2 Series coupe is based. Major updates will arrive. under the hood and with the model chassis configuration.

Attention, this M2 will not be given either. In the UK it will cost £ 60,000, which equates to around $ 82,530 here in the US. Be prepared to take out your wallets.

But what is a BMW vehicle without an engine that can deliver incredible performance? This is by far the best feature of the M2 for many reasons, so let’s find out what they are.

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Here are the many reasons why we love the engine of the new BMW M2


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The arrival of the German automaker’s S58 engine is at the heart of the changes to the latest BMW M2. The twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter six-cylinder was introduced on the X3 M and X4 M, and more recently added to the new M3 and M4. It will replace the long-standing N55 unit of the M2, introduced in 2009, as well as the S55 engine used by the formidable M2 Competition and M2 CS.

Key features of the S58 engine include a newly designed crankcase, longer stroke, reworked cylinder head and a more reliable intake system, which uses twin single-scroll turbochargers instead of the single turbocharger in the engine it replaces. Much like the old S55 engine, it also receives a gasoline particulate filter.

According to Autocar, the new inline powertrain, which will be updated to meet Euro 7 emissions regulations, will be offered in two tuning states in a movement mirroring that of the later M3 and M4 – both with a red line. at 7,200 rpm. Unfortunately for US readers, the higher-yielding competition model is probably only available in the UK at this time.

While many details about the M2’s engine are still being kept under wraps, standard M2 models are expected to receive up to 410bhp, with today’s M2 Competition successor expected to deliver up to 430bhp. The increase in power is apparently meant to be accompanied by a modest increase in torque.

With such wonderful engine output figures and new features, it’s hard not to love the engine of the next M2. Yet there are other aspects of this car that are breathtaking.

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What else do we love about the new BMW M2?


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Looking at the photos of the new BMW M2, it is obvious that the German automaker has decided to equip the M3 and M4 with an oversized grille. However, it is believed that the M2 will keep a smaller version. The front of the vehicle will always be very different to distinguish it from the regular 2 series; anticipate a more angular nose with a muscular front bumper and deeper, chiseled air vents. It won’t accept the huge vertical grilles used to differentiate the M3 from the rest of the 3 Series lineup.

Leaked images suggest that the kidney grilles will adopt a square, horizontal design compared to the more rounded appearance of the 2-Series. The wheel arches will be flared to accommodate the additional width of the model and there will be vents on the front fenders bearing the M badge. At the rear, the signature “M car” quad exhaust system will be accompanied by a new rear diffuser.

Take a look inside and you’ll notice that it’s likely to benefit from a substantial upgrade over the regular 2-series coupe in the form of BMW’s new iDrive dual-display infotainment system. This configuration houses the group of digital dials and the main display, uniting them into a single transparent display.

The M2 will benefit from the two-tone bucket seat design already seen in the recent M3 and M4. An M-specific steering wheel will house two red M-mode buttons, which can be linked to customize vehicle mode settings allowing the driver to switch between contrasting driving modes with the push of a button.

BMW is proud of this and 2022 will be an exciting year for them as this vehicle is expected to hit the automotive market next year. If you like the sound, be sure to get your hands on an M2.

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