Here is an idle video showing how a four-stroke engine works


Remember that amazing transparent carburetor that the Smarter Every Day YouTube channel built in July 2021? In this video, Destin, the engineer behind that chain, 3D printed a carburetor and shot a 4K slow motion video to show us all exactly how a carburetor works. He also brought his dad, who is extremely good with small engines, to break everything down for him and his viewers.

If you missed it (or just want to see it again) no worries, here’s this link for you to check it out. Today, however, we have the Following logical step on your journey to understanding how a four-stroke engine works. This time, YouTuber TROdesigns created a clear acrylic cylinder and then made piston rings to reduce friction and keep that little block from slamming for as long as possible. What is the engine? Why, it’s an adorable little Honda XR75!

They too used a 4K camera to shoot slow motion videos so we could appreciate everything that happens during the combustion chamber cycle. If you’re the type of person who wants or needs to create an educational playlist to show how different parts of the engines work, this video is a no-brainer to include.

Now, unlike the SED carburetor video, there is little to no narration to walk you through the intake, compression, combustion, and exhaust stages. So, if you are completely new to the process, you might want to do some extra homework to get yourself up to speed on these concepts. (Don’t worry, these videos aren’t going anywhere, and they’ll be there when you get back.)

If you’ve got a feel for how the four stages of four-stroke combustion work, you’ll especially appreciate the amount of this video devoted to showing the process in slow motion. TROdesigns doesn’t do this once or twice. Instead, a good chunk of this 18-minute video is devoted to showing how the process works over and over again.

This repetition is good, because there is a lot to assimilate. What do these piston rings do at different points in the combustion path? What does this wrist pin do? And the valves? Even slowed down to a rate where we can begin to understand what we’re seeing, you still can’t see every little movement at a time. That’s why it’s good that the video here is a bit repetitive, so you can readjust your focus and see something new every time.

As with the clear carburetor, this acrylic block won’t last very long and was built for demonstration purposes only. Nonetheless, we are really happy that TROdesigns took the time to create this video and share it with all of us.

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