Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Predator V8 crate engine priced at $ 25,995


Under pressure from Dodge’s Hellcat-powered Challenger, the Blue Oval launched the Predator in the 2020 model year Mustang Shelby GT500. Derived from the Shelby GT350’s Voodoo flat-plane crankshaft, the V8 cross-plane crankshaft is now available as a crate engine.

Part number M-6007-M52SC is listed by Ford Performance at $ 25,995, excluding the FEAD control assembly and components with a dry weight of 536 pounds (243 kilograms). For reference, the most affordable Stang for the 2021 model year is the EcoBoost at $ 27,205 without tax, while the Shelby GT500 leads the line with at least $ 72,900. In other words, the blown V8 costs 35.6% of the car’s suggested retail price.

Featured at SEMA 2021 alongside the Coyote-10AT combo and Godzilla pushrod motor from the Super Duty pickup line, the Predator is rated at 760 horsepower and 625 lb-ft (847 Nm) of torque on gasoline. Great. The high-strength aluminum block features a 94mm bore, 93mm stroke, forged steel for the crankshaft and connecting rods, and forged aluminum pistons coated with Grafal. Also featured are an alternator, starter, exhaust manifolds, A / C compressor, 92mm throttle body, water pump and alternator belt, compressor belt and fan (duh!) .

The Eaton TVS R2650 positive-displacement compressor uses a high-torsion four-lobe rotor design. It operates at 12 pounds per square inch of boost, and the pressure relief ports in the backing plate reduce input power.

We first learned that Ford was planning to launch the Predator V8 crate engine last year through product manager Mike Goodwin. The 5.2-liter engine is also offered as a long block from Ford Parts for $ 26,800.

Going forward, the Predator will see at least one other application in the Raptor R. The next level of the Raptor will arrive next year to challenge the crazy Ram 1500 TRX that produces 702 horsepower and 650 lb-ft (881 Nm) of torque. of the Hellcat HEMI V8 of 6.2 liters.

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