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Known for their versatility and ruggedness, diesel engines are the first choice of many truck owners, and among these engines, Dodge® / Ram® Cummins® turbodiesels consistently rise to the top of the pack. Because 5.9L engines produced between 1991 and 2010 deliver reliability you can count on, trust only top-quality service solutions to repair them. When repairs require new gaskets, choose sealing solutions engineered with precision to provide reliable repairs for every generation of these powerful engines.

Year after year and thanks to numerous modifications and technological updates, Dodge / Ram diesel engines continue to provide excellent power and excellent torque. The Dodge-Cummins partnership began over 30 years ago and quickly took off in 1991. The Dodge / Ram Cummins 12-valve turbo diesel engine offered more torque than the competition, and engine reliability Cummins was already doing well. established, having been tested for years in heavy duty applications. When servicing these VIN 8 engines, choose sealing solutions designed to provide optimum performance.

For a readily available engine, offering excellent fuel economy and plenty of torque, you can’t go wrong with a Dodge / Ram Cummins 12-valve VIN C turbo diesel engine, manufactured from 1991 through 1996. The consistent trend for durability and the efficiency established by this engine continues through the 1997-1999 VIN D engine, which delivers at all levels in terms of power, torque and fuel economy. Tested designs and precision manufacturing come together in these engines, so it’s a good idea to use leak stop solutions that maintain those same standards.

Like its predecessors, the Dodge / Ram Cummins engine produced from 1998 to 2004 is extremely reliable; however, every engine needs maintenance. In VIN 7, worn oil seals in the center hub rotating assembly can allow lubricating oil to enter the intake and exhaust. When this happens, prompt maintenance with the right gaskets will prevent intercooler blockages and damaged oxygen sensors.

Beginning in 1998, Dodge introduced an upgraded 24-valve version of its well-respected 12-valve engine. Honored by many as an almost bulletproof powertrain, the 24-valve 6-valve VIN engine established its own heritage. It’s a legacy that has built on itself and has grown with the 2002-2010 turbo diesel engine and 5.9L VIN 7 2010 engine. Selecting the ideal gaskets for these engine repairs will keep these trucks going. on the road for many kilometers to come.

When servicing a 5.9L Dodge / Ram Cummins engine you need expertly designed gasket sets to fit those hard working diesel engines. Victor Reinz sealing solutions cover these L6 engines manufactured from 1991 thru 2010, and each gasket set is designed for easy installation and superior sealing. From oil pan gasket sets and thermostat gaskets to intake manifold sets and more, our sealing solutions make repairs as durable as these engines.

To get the optimum performance from a Dodge / Ram Cummins turbo diesel engine, look for sealing solutions designed to match Original Equipment. These legendary engines deliver unmatched fuel economy and exceptional torque – keep them going with seals from a world leader in OEM seal and seal technology.

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