Chevron HDAX 9700 Motor Oil Earns First-of-Its-Kind Approval

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Nick Blenkey

The first such approval came after the lubricant was tested on the Sanderus trailing suction hopper dredger, headquartered in Luxembourg, Jan De Nul Group.

Chevron HDAX 9700 has become the first lubricant to gain time-unrestricted approval for use in MAN Energy Solutions four-stroke engines, running on LNG or distillate fuels (with a sulfur content of up to 0, 10%).

The approval, the first of its kind, came after the lubricant was tested at the factory of the Jan De Nul Group, which is headquartered in Luxembourg. very low emission trailing suction hopper dredger sanderus. The company required an engine oil with very low sulfate ash formation due to the use of a variety of low sulfur fuels with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) and Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF), as part of its strategy to comply with European Stage V limits on nitrous oxide (NOx) and particulate matter (PM) emissions from ships.

Michel Deruyck of Jan De Nul explained: “We needed a low sulphated ash oil because the DPF could not handle high levels of ash deposits. But MAN ES had not approved any low sulfated ash oils for use with distillate fuels. We had previously worked with Chevron for low sulphated ash oils on three other vessels, so we extended the relationship and performed a validation test for HDAX 9700 to sanderus. ”

Chevron says approving engines running on LNG or distillate fuels provides simplicity for operators to switch between the two fuels, meaning they can use a single lubricant, rather than having to change lubricant afterward. a fixed period of operation on one fuel or the other. Other lubricants undergo validation testing on engines running on gasoline or distillate fuels and receive limited approval for the other fuel. Chevron HDAX 9700 got its dual unrestricted approval due to its unique development.


Chevron HDAX 9700 is an SAE 40 motor oil designed to control sulfate ash buildup in the combustion chambers and exhaust system, while providing sufficient alkalinity to protect against acid corrosion. After 6,500 hours of operation, approval for unrestricted use with distillate fuels was granted, making Chevron HDAX 9700 the first low sulfated ash oil to receive such approval. Since low sulphated ash oils are commonly used with gas engines – which are also susceptible to sulphated ash deposits – MAN ES were also able to grant unlimited approval for the lubricant to be used when LNG operation.

“Our outstanding partnership with Jan De Nul Group has enabled operators of vessels using either LNG or distillate fuels to take a valuable step forward,” said Luc Verbeeke, Principal Engineer at Chevron Marine Lubricants. “The ability to use a single engine oil for four-stroke engines will simplify operations and once again underscore Chevron’s role at the forefront of marine engine condition protection.”

Unrestricted operation on a single lubricant will benefit operators in multiple industries. Jan De Nul will use the lubricant on other dredgers as well as jack-up vessels used in the construction of wind farms. Any vessels seeking to comply with emission control areas – or port emission limits – using LNG or distillate fuels with aftertreatment will also be able to use the Chevron HDAX 9700.

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