Checking engine oil clearance and ring gap on our Subaru WRX

When you’re used to digging through dirty, oily mechanics, there’s something incredibly satisfying about seeing completely clean, fresh engine components coming back together.

That’s where we are with Hagerty’s current Redline Rebuild project, a bugeye Subaru Impreza WRX and its EJ205 turbocharged flat-four.

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While the bugeye body itself isn’t long for this world, the engine is in much better shape. In the previous video, host Davin inspected the cylinder heads, and while they were found to be cracked, the cracks shouldn’t be severe enough to affect operation.

However, the low end (or mid, if you prefer, given the flat engine layout…) seems more than healthy, and this week Davin is gearing up to put it all back together.

So now he’s down to the “measure twice, fit once” stage of the rebuild, checking oil clearance in the main bearings and journals, then ring gap for all four pistons.

This is a good opportunity to remind you of the tools needed for such a project, from the simplest like feeler gauges, to nifty bits of kit like the device for placing a piston ring squarely in a cylinder bore so that the segment deviation can be checked.

It won’t be long before the parts collection looks like an engine again, so if you want to follow Subaru’s progress, you can follow our Redline Rebuild page or subscribe to Hagerty’s YouTube channel here.

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