“Carbon is our enemy, not the internal combustion engine”

The Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association or JAMA has set out priorities for its automotive sector, including taking appropriate measures for growth, jobs and wealth distribution and creating a carbon neutral society, among others.

After the industry body formally approved a new executive structure at its board meeting held virtually, its chairman, Akio Toyoda, said, “We believe that knowing the facts about the field is the key to accelerating JAMA initiatives. With this in mind, we have established a support team made up of young members from each company who work together across company lines with the guiding principle of Genchi, Genbutsu, Genjitsu (Seeing the facts for yourself).

Outlining the leadership’s new focus areas, Toyoda said the priorities also include tax reform, CASE and the expansion of auto sector supporters. He told JAMA members that the industry body is “doing everything possible to deal with supply chain disruptions due to the pandemic, chip shortages and natural disasters. We are also facing to the tragic and intolerable reality of the invasion of Ukraine, which has made the outlook for the global economy increasingly uncertain with soaring energy and commodity prices.

“Our biggest challenge is to create a carbon neutral society. Carbon neutrality pushes us to fundamentally change our way of life and transform the automotive industry, because we have supported these ways of life through mobility,” he said.

Toyoda went on to say that “Carbon is our enemy, not the internal combustion engine. We must reduce CO2 emissions in all processes of energy production, transportation and use. There must be more a pathway to carbon neutrality Regulations should not limit our choice of technologies.

According to the president, these priorities have been underpinned by various pilot projects, sharing “what we have learned at every turn”. These efforts have helped spread the message, and more like-minded partners have joined our cause, he reiterated.

The Tokyo Motor Show gets a makeover
Toyoda also said carbon neutrality is also a chance for the Japanese auto industry to perfect its CASE technology. He then said that in an attempt to assimilate those lessons, JAMA plans to name the 2023 Tokyo Motor Show the Japan All-Industry Show. “We hope to bring together many people at our event by looking beyond mobility and collaborating with all industries across Japan, including startups. Expect a brand new show, revamped both in its name and in its substance.

In conclusion, he said that the strength of the Japanese auto industry comes from automakers offering a full range of mobility, from passenger cars to commercial vehicles, mini-vehicles and motorcycles. “We will leverage this strength to serve as a catalyst for carbon neutrality and ‘growth and distribution’.

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