Candor Technology Releases Its First Loan Scoring Engine

Candor Technology today launched the Candor Metascore, a new dimension to their Loan Engineering System. Candor’s machine generates IPass loans with a Metascore that reflects the real quality of the loan. 

All loan data is first processed through a fluid 45,733 pivot point design to better evaluate investor guideline validity, then through a corroboration engine that does >1,100 crosschecks to discover and mitigate faults to obtain the score. All the vital metadata used during the automated process is saved to a Blockchain-type database for unprecedented openness. 

A Metascore of 85 or higher qualifies you for a large international insurer’s faulty insurance policy.

“A secondary market analyst can be satisfied that a rigorous credit investigation was completed, that guideline eligibility was met, that the loan data properly reflect the loan’s condition and that the loan can be efficiently priced if it has a high Metascore.”

Candor’s solution is the only one capable of doing extensive, nuanced crosschecks across a large and complicated set of dynamic data on its own. The meticulous corroborations go above and beyond the guideline requirements and are comparable to those performed by seasoned underwriters. Except Candor’s crosschecks take seconds rather than weeks.

The rapid influx of new and updated loan data necessitated dynamic capabilities that were not previously accessible in the mortgage lending industry. Candor created their corroboration engine utilizing aerospace principles to address this need. That’s how the system can analyze guideline eligibility while also doing crosschecks across several points of corroboration to discover and reduce faults, maintaining the loan and metadata integrity (see illustration).

The Metascore demonstrates that The Loan Engineering System’s flaw detection and resolution activities and lending judgments have been thoroughly tested. They are sound, dependable, and are free of subjectivity and bias.

The Candor Metascore is the beginning of standardized loan quality and integrity diagnostics that will have a significant impact on the mortgage sector, from origination through capital markets. 

Lenders benefit from the Loan Engineering System’s speed, increased profitability, and error-free credit risk assessment. All data and stages made during the autonomous production process are recorded to a Blockchain-style database, giving investors access to 100% of the metadata needed to make financing choices for the first time. This leads to a positive outlook on loan performance and pricing that reflects that outlook.

“We created the Metascore to help lenders make loans in the primary market as well as loan purchasers in the secondary market,” stated Candor CEO Tom Showalter. 

“A secondary market analyst can be satisfied that a rigorous credit analysis was completed, that guideline eligibility was met, that the loan data authentically reflect the state of the loan and that the loan can be efficiently priced if the loan has a high Metascore.” The Loan Engineering System from Candor Technology is in a class by itself: Mortgage Decision Sciences Technology. 

The world’s first credit and information risk analysis, identification, and mitigation machine enables lenders to optimize their staff and positions them for the type of broad process innovation that fundamentally improves mortgage lending economics. 

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