Build Your Own Mini-V8 Engine Model With This Simple Guide

This small model V-8 engine is made from basic materials.

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If you’ve ever wondered how a four-stroke V-8 engine actually works, you might want to try making a simple model. Like everything in life, by getting your hands dirty and keeping an eye out for the details, you become intimately familiar with how these things actually work.

Let’s go step by step.

Source: Newsflare/YouTube

As you can imagine, you will need some tools and materials before you begin.

Materials and equipment needed

With all your gear in hand, it’s time to get started on this awesome little build.

Step 1: Make the base and the crankshaft

The first step is to take your wood and cut it to size to make the base and main supports. Once done, attach them to the base as shown in the video.

With that done, the next step is to take your steel wire and pliers and bend the wire into a crankshaft shape. This may take some practice, but watch the video for more details on how to do it.

crankshaft diy engine model
Source: Newsflare/YouTube

Step 2: Make the pistons

That done, take your plastic syringes. These will be used to make the pistons. Remove the plunger and cut off the lower end of the syringe using a sharp knife.

Rinse and repeat with seven more syringes, then glue them all together in groups of four using a hot glue gun. With that done, take the pistons and modify them to create the piston head and arm as shown in the video.

Connect the arms to the heads with a small nut so that they articulate. Rinse and repeat to make 8 identical piston heads.

diy v8 engine model pistons
Source: Newsflare/YouTube

Once done, screw the pistons into position on the crankshaft as needed. Once done, glue the main cylinders to the wooden frame using a hot glue gun.

Glue a group of four at an angle to each other to form a v-shape when viewed from the front. Be sure to insert the pistons into the bottom of each cylinder as you go.

diy v8 engine model pistons
Source: Newsflare/YouTube

Step 3: Make the camshafts

Then take your popsicle sticks and cut, shape and drill holes through them as shown in the video. With that done, cut your toothpicks and make the springs and camshafts as shown in the video.

It’s quite temperamental, so it will probably take a bit of trial and error to master. When finished, glue them in place above each row of cylinders on the main model as shown below.

The springs must be able to be pushed by the piston heads to turn the camshafts, so test the model once assembled. If not, adjust as needed.

diy v8 engine model camshafts
Source: Newsflare/YouTube

With that done, make some small cogwheels and attach them to one end of the crankshaft at the front of the model. Also add larger sprockets to the exposed ends of each camshaft.

You can make it out of cardboard.

Step 4: Complete the template

Next, make a timing belt from a strip of corrugated cardboard long enough to fit around the lower wheels and the camshaft wheels. Install them on the model as needed.

diy v8 engine model belts
Source: Newsflare/YouTube

Accordingly, the base model is now complete. All you have to do now is mount an old DC motor on the other end of the crankshaft. Once you turn the engine on, the whole engine model hums as expected.

Now sit back and watch your hard work do its job! Congratulations to you.

If you liked this little DIY engine-based project, you might like to make another one?

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