The 3 Series G20 Sedan and G21 Touring recently experienced a slight LCI less than four years since the current models hit the market. Traditionally that would mean the next-gen model is slated for release around the middle of the decade, but that won’t be the case. In case you haven’t heard, the 3er will have an unusually long life cycle that could possibly stretch until 2027.

That means the German luxury brand has plenty of time to give the 3 Series range another update this generation. Renowned BMW Insider ynguldyn from Bimmer post the forums have it right, a “light cosmetic refresh” will be implemented on cars built from July 2024. Around the same time, US spec vehicles will have their engines modified to meet strict regulations in terms of emissions. It’s unclear how horsepower and torque will be affected, but the same source says we’ll hear more about the rides at some point in 2023.

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In Europe (the EU to be precise), BMW will make its diesel engines cleaner to comply with the upcoming Euro 7 regulations. It is believed that all 3er cars manufactured from March 2025 will use the least harmful oil burners. There is still no electric version planned for this generation, except for the i3 eDrive35L sedan only in China. A dedicated electric vehicle on the Neue Klasse platform will arrive in about three years.

BMW would cease production of the 3 Series G20 in July 2027, followed by the G21 Touring in October of the same year. The M3 G80 is scheduled to retire from the assembly line in June 2027, with the M3 Touring G81 due to retire in October.

Meanwhile, 2023 sees the introduction of the M3 CS, which is expected to start production in March. It’s said to get a heavy dose of standard carbon fiber, along with xDrive, M-specific headlights and an automatic transmission. The turbocharged inline six-cylinder engine will apparently be dialed in at 540 horsepower or 30 hp more than the M3 Competition and 10 hp less than the M4 CSL.

Source: Bimmer post