Vintage 70’s Big Block Jet Boat REVIVAL! – Engine full of water? No problem…….

Revival of the Big Block jet boat from the 70s! – Engine full of water? No problem…….

If you’re like me, you see old jet boats for sale on Marketplace or Craigslist and fall in love with the second photo. I see these bitchin hot rod boats and think I would look awesome riding one and just love cruising with open headers looking like a bad ass. There are a lot of these types of boats for sale, especially in the western states, and I always wonder how hard it would be to run one and clean it enough to throw a full cooler in it. of beer so I can go enjoy a fun weekend on the lake or river.

Well, Junkyard Digs tries to do just that, so let’s see how it works for them when they find this 1970s big-block jet boat and try to bring it back to life.

Remember that people often make fun of boats, how much they cost, the best type of boat to have is your friend’s, etc. So, will this one be a nightmare? Or will it bring a big smile to their faces and look awesome?

We will see.

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