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Jasper, based in Indiana, with more than 2,300 employees at 50 locations across the country, intends to make D&W an independent business. Greg Wrona, a 13-year D&W employee who most recently served as Vice President, is now President of the D&W Branch. In addition, the Wayne brothers will continue to hold leadership positions throughout the transition. Jasper Holdings Inc. recently acquired D&W Diesel, a remanufacturer and distributor of diesel engine components that started out in a bay garage leased in 1976 by Doug Wayne. Three years later his brother Dave joined him and the siblings transformed the business into a multi-state operation employing 330 people.

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Wrona told The Citizen on Friday that the Waynes were looking to play a less active role in the business by finding a buyer who would keep D&W in business and retain its workforce and facilities. The company’s head office on Clark Street Road in Aurelius employs approximately 220 people, with the remainder of its workforce located at sites in Rochester, Albany, Buffalo, NY, and Worcester, Massachusetts; Cliffwood, New Jersey; and the major cities of Cleveland, Philadelphia and Denver.

“(The Waynes) felt this was the most responsible thing to do to keep D&W going,” Wrona said, noting that Jasper had “the resources that can help us grow.”

He also noted that for staff, an added bonus of being a part of Jasper is an employee stock purchase plan that can provide additional retirement funds.

In addition to its own diesel engine products and services, Jasper’s business lines include gas engines, transmissions, differentials, rear axles, pneumatic and fuel components, marine engines, sterndrives, high performance motors and electric motors.

“We are honored to add D&W to our Jasper Holdings, Inc. brands as they are well respected across the industry,” Jasper Holdings Inc. CEO Doug Bawel said in a press release. “Doug Wayne and Dave Wayne will continue to be involved which is great.”

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“We have known the Waynes for many years as a supplier and innovator in the industry,” said Jasper President Zach Bawel. “Seeing them and their associates join our Jasper Holdings, Inc. family of companies is great for their associates and for us. “

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  • Aurelius-based diesel engine company sold | Business
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