America’s first electric fire truck features a 300hp backup diesel engine

BMW’s six-cylinder will recharge the battery if the truck’s battery runs out of juice

US's first electric fire truck features 300hp standby diesel engine - News

The Los Angeles Fire Department has taken delivery of a Rosenbauer RTX electric fire truck, making it the first fully operational electric fire truck to be adopted in the United States.

The fire rated electric vehicle costs around $1.2million (£996,700) per unit and uses two electric motors to produce 360kW (around 490hp) of peak performance and 260kW (around 250hp) in daily driving. To power the huge machine, the RTX uses a gigantic 132kWh battery, which also powers all four wheels of the truck and on-board equipment. For perspective, the battery in the Rosenbauer RTX is five and a half times the size of the 24 kWh unit in the Fiat 500e city car.

US's first electric fire truck features 300hp standby diesel engine - News

Despite the huge battery, the truck was also installed with a not so emission-free 300 hp 3.0-liter six-cylinder diesel engine from BMW. Austrian manufacturer Rosenbauer claims that “purely electric and therefore emission-free, short-range operations are not a problem” for their truck, but the traditional diesel power unit will be used as a backup generator on long trips or more demanding assignments. to recharge the battery or power the water pump and other on-board systems. After all, the last thing you want to hear is the fire truck running out of battery on the way to your burning building.

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During the unveiling of the new truck, LAFD Fire Chief Kristin Crowley said the new battery-powered truck will provide benefits such as “reduced noise” and reduced overall diesel emissions, which will create a healthier working environment for the department’s firefighters. The California Fire Department has another RTX on the way for next year, while the city of Rancho Cucamonga has also placed an order with Rosenbauer for its own battery-powered fire truck. Sadiq Khan, are you tempted?

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