Alpine unveils a hydrogen supercar that preserves the internal combustion engine

Alpine has unveiled a new hydrogen concept in the form of the A4810. The brand calls it a “super-berlinetta” that “embraces the latest generation technologies”. Designed by students from the Istituto Europeo di Design in Turin, this car demonstrates Renault’s adoption of hydrogen fuel cell technology.

Its design is extremely different from the timid Alpine A110 which uses a pokey 4-cylinder engine. This concept aims to continue Renault’s mission to preserve combustion technology using “hydrogen engines” following Toyota’s confidence in the fuel.

Other than that, the performance stats of the A4810 have yet to be revealed, although this is likely due to the fact that it hasn’t even been considered by the French company yet. But Alpine promises a “light but powerful and agile” car that will give its driver “pure driving pleasure”. Sounds pretty good to me, but means very little in this form of concept. If it’s half as good as the A110, however, we’re onto a winner.

It’s significantly larger than the A110, however, at 5091mm long, 1055mm tall and 2010mm wide. The visuals of the car are also very different, with Alpine saying it has implemented advances in F1 aerodynamics to get the most out of the shape. There are Ford GT cues in the body lines as well as the Mercedes-AMG Project ONE, which comes as no surprise.

Alpine’s chief designer, Raphael Linari, told us that it is “exploring new territory for the brand in terms of packaging, proportions and design language” and that this design, thought up by talented students, provides “very interesting answers” to current problems.

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