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Belgian engine maker Anglo Belgian Corporation (ABC) has unveiled an all-new multi-fuel engine platform to facilitate the transition from conventional fuel to new and future fuel types. With the new EVOLVE range, ABC says it wants to help its customers evolve towards ultra-low or zero emission operation.

The first member of the range presented at the Europort show in Rotterdam this week is a compact and powerful 4-cylinder mid-speed engine, the 4EL23.

The company says the engine was designed to be ready for any future fuels that may become available. The 4EL23 is a compact and powerful mid-speed 4-cylinder engine offering superior engine performance at full load and part load. To support the current energy transition, the 4EL23 is fully optimized to run efficiently on diesel with exhaust gas aftertreatment system technology for ultra-low emissions until other fuels are economically available. The cylinder head is designed for easy replacement allowing the engine to run on liquid or gaseous fuels and use spark ignition when necessary. The engine can be supplied as a pump line nozzle or as a common rail fuel injection arrangement.

A four-in-line engine, the 4EL23 has a bore of 230mm and stroke of 310mm. Power output ranges from 749 kW at 720 rpm to 1320 kW at maximum 1200 rpm. To meet NOx requirements, the engine is equipped with a compact DPF and SCR unit with integrated mixing pipe and is IMO Tier III certified and EU Stage V compliant. The components of the aftertreatment system are modular and can be placed flexibly.

The displayed engine has an optional impact protection shell, giving the 4EL23 a futuristic appearance. The shield reduces heat, noise and vibration aimed at improving the engine room environment.

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