A new truck puts the machine gun where the engine should go

SOFEX NEWS: New truck puts the machine gun where the engine should go

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Aqaba, Jordan — An engineer working for a Jordanian government research organization has developed a vehicle with a remote-controlled weapon station where the engine compartment normally sits.

The engine is now back on, said Sohyb Maharmeh, principal engineer at the Jordan Design and Development Bureau, a government-funded center of excellence for military and security systems operated by the Jordanian Armed Forces.

The Al-Hajras is an armored 4×4 with level 6 ballistic protection, a four-cylinder engine, flat tires and infrared lights, but its most notable feature is a rear-mounted 7.62mm remote-controlled machine gun. front of the vehicle.

“The main advantage of this vehicle is having the firepower up front,” Maharmeh said Nov. 1, standing next to the prototype at the SOFEX conference in Aqaba, Jordan, the world’s largest trade show. Middle East devoted to special operations forces.

The compact vehicle was designed for special forces or homeland security operations in urban settings with narrow streets or alleys, he said. It could also be used as a reconnaissance vehicle.

The two-person crew includes a driver and the passenger who operates the machine gun remotely. Directly behind the crew is a sliding rack for ammunition storage.

The vehicle weighs 2,200 kilograms and can carry up to 400 kilograms of additional payload.

Although the Jordanian Armed Forces has funded the development of the vehicle, Maharmeh has not yet received any news on whether it will go ahead with its entry into service.

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