2022 Subaru Outback to get turbo engine and off-road variants in Australia? Local demand for new VW Passat Alltrack rivals heard ‘loud and loud’

Talk to Cars Guide At the launch of the second-generation BRZ sports coupe, Subaru Australia Managing Director Blair Read confirmed that the Outback Turbo is still on track in our market.

Asked if there are still plans – as previously mentioned – to introduce the 2.4-litre turbocharged variant available overseas, Mr Read replied: “Absolutely.

“Customer feedback and market demand for the turbo model has been heard loud and clear. This is something we are working on very closely with the factory at this time.”

The Outback Turbo – currently only available in the US market where it is built – features a 2.4-liter turbocharged four-cylinder boxer engine, similar to that of the next-generation WRX. In the Outback it produces 195kW/376Nm, a significant leap from the only engine currently available on Australian-delivered models, a non-turbocharged 2.5-litre four-cylinder producing 138kW/245Nm.

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While the US market has had exclusive access to the next-generation 2.4-litre powertrains for some time, Mr Read explained that the new engine has since begun assembly of cars like the BRZ and WRX in the US market. factory in Yajima, Japan, from which Australian cars are made. built.

“That’s no longer the reason,” Mr Read said of where the engine was assembled. “The timing of the market and what suits our client has now become more important.”

The turbocharged 2.4-litre four-cylinder is now available at Subaru’s Yajima plant, from where the brand sources cars for Australia.

Subaru of North America also offers the Outback in a rugged off-road-focused Wilderness package, with a higher ride height, longer springs and shocks, heavy-duty replacement bumpers, and small rims. 17-inch alloy wheels covered in all-terrain rubber, plus improvements across the board for approach, departure and breakover angles – apparently a perfect Ranger Raptor-style makeover for the popular wagon.

The brand even recently registered the name “Wilderness” in Australia. When asked if this type of model is planned for Subaru this year, Mr. Read explained: “We are always monitoring [the Outback Wilderness] with great interest. This is particularly relevant to the Australian market and environment, and our buyers’ desire to personalize their cars.

“There is definitely a demand there. We are looking at some options for this and what we can do at the factory.

The Outback Wilderness, so far a US market exclusive, still seems to be on the cards for Subaru Australia. The Outback Wilderness, so far a US market exclusive, still seems to be on the cards for Subaru Australia.

A similar ‘Wilderness’ variant has since launched in America for the updated 2022 Forester, although the brand is not keen on the possibility of a return of the fan-favorite turbocharged XT variant thanks to the availability of the 2.4 turbo powertrain. out of Yajima, but Cars Guide understand that this is still much less likely than the boosted Outback. Watch this place.

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