Presentations given at European Workshop on New Aero Engine Concepts

This page holds all presentations given during the European Workshop on New Aero Engine Concepts in Munich on 30 June - 1 July 2010. All presentations are subject to copyright and may not be used without prior written authorisation. This authorisation can be obtained at

Invited Speakers

European Research in the Area of Aeronautics and Air Transport byDaniel Chiron

On the Way to ACARE 2020 by Dieter Schmitt

VITAL Overview by Helene Antoine

DREAM Overview by Dave Bone

NEWAC Overview by Joerg Sieber

CLEAN Sky Engine ITD by Peter Taferner

Aircraft Requirements for Future Aero Engines by Sebastian Remy

Concept Overview

Intercooled Recuperated Core by Stefan Donnerhack

Intercooled Engine and Integration by Nick Baker

Active Core by Wolfgang Sturm

Flow Controlled Core by Hanna Reiss


Advanced Design HP Compressor Test by Mark Walker

High Pressure Compressor Design and Testing by Hanna Reiss

Innovative Centrifugal Compressor Design by Laurent Tarnowski

Proof of Concept of a Mechnical Active Clearance Control System by Michael Kern

Passive Tip Clearance Control by Nick Atkins

Active Surge Control by Tip Injection by Sven-Jürgen Hiller

Tip Blowing for Stability Enhancement by Henner Schrapp

Multistage Casing Treatment at High Pressure Compressor Rear Stages by Tobias Kroeckel

Design of Alternative Stability Enhancement System by Stephanie Weichert

Investigation on Axial Compressor Cascades with Aspiration on Blades and Hub by Elia Colombo

Non Axissymmetric Hub Design Optimization for a High Pressure Compressor Rotor Blade by Vicky Iliopoulou

Comparative Studies of Alternative HPC Configurations for the NEWAC IRA Engine by Chris Robinson

Design Optimization and Test of Advanced Small Scale Compressor by Zdenek Palat


Low-Emission LDI Development for Future Aero-Engine Concepts by Sebastian Bake

Optical Investigations of Low-Emission LDI Combustion at Medium Pressures by Ulrich Meier

PERM Injection System Development and Experimental Investigation by Antonio Peschiulli

Design and Experimental Validation of PERM Combustor Effusion Cooling by Bruno Facchini

PERM Combustor High Pressure Tests in K11 Facility by Vincent Plana

Lean Premix Prevaporised Combustor Technology Development for Low OPR Engines by Hubert Verdier

Characterisation of kerosene/air combustion at the outlet of LPP injectors using kerosene-PLIF and OH chemiluminescence by Philippe Beaumier

Pulse Detonation Core Engine by Fabrice Giuliani

Heat Exchanger and Integration

Hot Nozzle Optimization and Heat Exchanger Loss Modeling by Dimitris Misirlis

Intercooler Heat Exchanger Installation and Performance Results by David Gillespie

Intercooler High pressure Ducting System by Duncan Walker

Intercooler Low pressure Ducting System by Jon Carrote

Design of an Intercase for an Intercooled Engine by Dennis Jacobsson

Whole Engine

Future Innovative Core Configurations by Anders Lundbladh

Assessment for Variable Core Cycle Technologies by Xu Lei

Concept Study on an Advanced Active Cooling Air Cooling System by Ernst Ebert

Fast Pressure Sensor and Tip Clearance Sensors for Smart HPC Technologies by René Schneider, Tom Holst, David Wagner, Pavol Rybarik

TERA 2020 – Rationale, Objectives and Design Algorithm by Konstantinos Kyprianidis

TERA 2020 – Optimisation of NEWAC Configurations by Bernhard Lehmayr

NEWAC Overall Specification, Assessment and Concept Optimization by Andrew Rolt

Mechanical Design and Manufacturing

Weight Offset with Titanium Aluminides by Antoni Gnot

Design and Manufacturing Trials for a Combustor Case with Cooling Air Cooling by Gunnar Marke

Blade-Casing Rub Management – Numerical Simulation by Olivier Beaupain

Abradable Coating Development & Testing by Scott Wilson

Predicting the Thermal Conductivity of AlSi-Polyester Abradable Coatings by Rodolphe Bolot

Development of a High-speed Beam Deflection System for Quality Improvement of Electron Beam Welds by Michael Muecke