Technical Presentations

Concept Overview    

 Intercooled Recuperated Core
 Intercooled Engine and Integration
 Active Core
 Flow controlled core


 SP3 Design and Test of an Advanced HP Compressor
 SP5 high pressure compressor design and testing
 Innovative Centrifugal Compressor Design
 Proof of Concept of a Mechnical Active Clearance Control System
 Passive tip clearance control
 Active surge control by tip injection
 Tip blowing for stability enhancement
 Multistage casing treatments at high pressure compressor rear stages
 Design of Alternative Stability Enhancement System
 Investigations on axial compressor cascades with aspiration on blades and hub
 Non Axissymmetric Hub Design Optimization for a High Pressure Compressor Rotor Blade
 Comparative Studies of Alternative HPC Configurations for the NEWAC IRA Engine
 Design Optimization and Test of Advanced Small Scale Compressor

Whole Engine   

 NEWAC Overall Specification, Assessment and Concept Optimization
 Future innovative core configurations
 Assessment for Variable Core Cycle Technologies
 Concept Study on an Advanced Cooling Air Cooling System
 Fast Pressure Sensor and Tip Clearance Sensors for Smart HPC Technologies
 TERA 2020 Rationale, Objectives and Design Algorithm
 TERA 2020 Optimisation of NEWAC Configurations

Heat Exchanger and Integration    

 Hot Nozzle Optimization and Heat Exchanger Loss Modeling
 Cross-corrugated Intercooler and Installation
 Intercooler High pressure Ducting System
 Intercooler Low pressure Ducting System
 Design of an intercase for an intercooled engine


 Low-Emission LDI Development for Future Aero-Engine Concepts
 Optical Investigations of Low-Emission LDI Combustion at Medium Pressures
 Design and Experimental Validation of PERM Combustor Effusion Cooling
 PERM Combustor High Pressure Tests in K11 Facility
 PERM Injection System Development and Experimental Investigation
 Lean Premix Prevaporised Combustor Technology Development for Low OPR Engines
 Optical Diagnostics for Combution Process Development of Kerosene/Air LPP Injection Systems
 Pulse Detonation Core Engine

Mechanical Design & Manufacturing   

 Weight offset with titanium aluminides
 Design and Manufacturing Trials for a Combustor Case with Cooling Air Cooling
 Blade/casing rub management Numerical simulation
 Abradable Coating Development & Testing
 Predicting the thermal conductivity of AISi polyester abradable coatings
 Development of a high-speed beam deflection system for quality improvement of elctron beam welds