Press articles

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eMagazine Report of MTU on "Pioneering new core engine technologies". Read more here.

NEWAC article in MTU Report of December 2007 in English and in German.

NEWAC article in Aerospace America of December 2008. Read more here.

Article in Volvo Aero journal - Oct 2006

Read more here

A short presentation on the NEWAC project published in "EU14" in September 2007

An article in the German aviation magazine „Flug Revue“ introducing the NEWAC project. Read the article here.


NEWAC article in International Innovation magazine. Read more here.

For the full issue of International Innovation magazine click here.

Article on collaborative research between Rolls-Royce and universities mentioning NEWAC project. Read the article here.

NEWAC article in EC aeronautics brochure. Read more here.

NEWAC article in Volvo Aero magazine 2010. Read here.

Article European Union issue 15. Read here.

NEWAC article EU Parliament Magazine and Research Review. Read more here.

Interview in Aviation Week with Erich Steinhardt (MTU) and Ric Parker (Rolls-Royce). Read more here.

A short introduction to the NEWAC project published April 16, 2007 in British Parliament Magazine „The House Magazine“. Read more here.